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Appvizer is the number 1 website in Europe dedicated to professional software.

Its mission: help professionals find software that will make them more competitive and allow them to work more pleasantly on a daily basis.

Whether they are entrepreneurs, managers, employees or freelancers, appvizer adresses all professionals, mainly in Europe but also in the United States and Latin America.

Its uniqueness: adapt content to meet the needs of users as accurately as possible.


  • By adapting its catalogue of more than 10,000 software, constantly updated by its monitoring team, to meet the specific needs of each country.
  • By providing concrete solutions through articles and videos to solve the professional challenges faced by its users on a daily basis...
  • By using machine-learning technology to assist the user in his search for information and software.

What they are looking for

Appvizer is a fast-growing company that has already received the French Tech Pass twice and recruits an average of 2 new employees per month.

In addition to the professional skills specific to each position, appvizers' share the following values and qualities:

  • Imagine tomorrow's solutions: analyze the context, create, discuss and set-up a solution
  • The desire to learn from others:empathy and emotional intelligence are essential in an international environment
  • A collective spirit and why not a sense of entrepreneurship: 100% of employees hold stock options or shares and are co-constructing the future of the company.

Good to know

The well-being of every employee is a strong value at appvizer.

That's why you'll find:

  • To carry out your tasks: a standing desk, ergonomic equipment, a lounge area to work in a relaxed and friendly environment.
  • To balance your professional and personal life: remote work, flexible hours, office deliveries, etc.
  • To keep you in shape: jogging, basketball, weight-lifting... which sports team will you join?
  • To relax: coffee, tea and organic fruit, board games and breakfast on Thursdays.
  • To save the planet: our compost-bin ;)

All under the sun of Montpellier at 10 min from the beach !

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