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Alice & Bob

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We are a growing group of physicists and engineers, innovators, and explorers looking for elegant solutions to difficult problems. We are at the forefront of the quantum race, competing with tech giants such as Google or AWS and we believe that small high-performance teams can have a worldwide impact.

Since technology is at the heart of Alice & Bob our structure reflects its development from theory to industrialization. Our team of physicists, engineers and tech explorers thrives in tackling nature’s trickiest challenges.

Alice & Bob
Alice & Bob
Alice & Bob

Employee breakdown

  • Tech


  • Growth and Organisation


  • Product team


Growth and Organization

Growth and Organization team's mission is to support the startup's growth through management of all financial, human ressources, legal, communication or administrative aspects of the company. It's a growing agile team including :

  • Chloé, ur Chief organisation Officer

  • Marion, our HR Manager,

  • Anahi, our Office Manager

  • Pierre, our Finance Management

Our G&O team structures life at Alice & Bob and provides a clear and comfortable work environment.


Our theory team anticipate and define Alice& Bob future roadmap. They are able to explain theoretically some findings that our experimentalists encounter, and they work jointly with prospects and partner to prepare the application of our soon to be existing quantum computer.


Engineering team is dedicated to deliver industrialization capabilities to what has been developed by theory and experiments team. This group of quantum engineers have a deep understanding of the technology which they'll use to insure industrialization of coming products in a scalable and fluent way. Whether they are microwave engineers working closely with experimentalist on chips design, software developers providing measurement automation, of nanofabrications scientists evaporating Josephson junctions, they all share the cat qubit passion !