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Alice & Bob

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They are passionate team with a unique technology. Their ambition is reflected in our vision: bringing mankind into the quantum world! Providing exponential quantum computing power across industries requires an outstanding technology carried by outstanding people.

To achieve their roadmap we are building teams of talented and passionate people driven by ambition and willing to face unprecedented challenges. There is room onboard for sharp minds !

What they are looking for

Alice & Bob's tech team is full of adventurers building quantum computers that will change tomorrow's possibilities.

We are looking for Quantum Physicists, Engineers, Nanofab scientists and Software developers with the intent to open new paths, learn and teach in their mission towards fault tolerant quantum computing.

Whether they are designing super conducting qubits, fabricating processors, or developing the right tools to interact with it, the candidates are expected to be ambition, curiosity and honesty driven !

Good to know

Launched in 2020, Alice&Bob is making great strides as they grow their team. In collaboration with quantum research scientists, their team of physicists and engineers is building the ideal quantum computer and working towards transforming the world in record time. They are making their fair share of impacts to transform the workplace through their diversity, equity and inclusion actions. We foster transparency of when it comes to metrics such as the gender pay gap and promotions and how they have ambitions to further support equal pay and fairness in their recruitment. With 50% of women promoted last year, 20% of women in managerial roles, ambitions to create a more fair career path in 2022, and an investment into professional development training, it is clear that everyone at Alice & Bob is given an equal opportunity to progress to their highest potential whilst contributing to the innovative technology.

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