Tech team

Our philosophy is that technology should always focus on the value we deliver to customers. We are allergic to inertia and unrealistically scoped projects. Instead, we prefer clean code delivering core value. From there, we use data to understand how our features are performing and define ways we can incrementally improve the experience and deliver an intuitive, no-headache experience to our customers.


Employee breakdown

  • Engineering


  • Design


  • Product


Technologies and tools


  • Node.js


  • React JS
    React JS

AWS ⚙️

this is our core provider. We use Fargate extensively to run all our services

Slack ⚙️

we like to orchestrate all directly from Slack. We deploy from a specific Slack channel with simple instructions.

Datadog ⚙️

huge part of our monitoring strategy.

Organization and methodologies

Each quarter, the product team plans the new roadmap together. Then they open it up for discussion with the rest of the team so everyone feels good and confident about what's to come. We use ProductBoard to manage customer feedback, feature prioritization, and roadmaps.

The roadmap is also shared with our investors and customers because transparency is crucial for healthy work relationships.

We run one-week sprints from Wednesday to the following Tuesday in order to have fast iteration cycles and keep a high velocity. 

The Tech-product team has a 15min daily call every morning to be able to sync, address blockers and get clear visibility into what's going on in every project.

Recruitment process

Introduction to Waldo

  • Day 0
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Interviewer: Talent Recruiter

What to expect: A non-technical overview of your background and motivations. Followed by information on the impact of Waldo, and the culture we're grateful to be a part of.

Meeting with our CTO, Laurent

  • Day 1-2
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Interviewer: Co-founder & CTO

What to expect: A deeper dive into your background and motivations from a technical point of view. Followed by an opportunity for you to get a sense of what makes Waldo's tech, and its engineering team so special.

Take-home Challenge

  • Day 3-6
  • Time given: 48h (The clock starts from the moment you decide to receive it)
  • Reviewers: Co-founder and Full-Stack Engineer

Your options of challenge:

  • Frontend Challenge
  • Backend Challenge
  • Algorithmic Flow Challenge
  • Android Challenge

What to expect: All of our challenges will give you an exciting look at problems we've had to face and conquer here at Waldo. This will give you an accurate sense of the level of tech we are confronted with on a day-to-day basis. The challenges are language-agnostic, so you choose which language makes the most sense for you.

Coding Pairing Session

  • Day 6-8
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Interviewer: One of our engineers

What to expect: A chance to discuss your approach to the take-home challenge, explore other approaches, and dig deeper into some of the aspects of the challenge. This will give you (and us) a glimpse of what working together looks like.

Technical Dive Interview

  • Day 6-8
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Interviewer: Lead iOS

What to expect: A technical discussion with a Waldo engineer which can be, depending on the position, a virtual whiteboard session of algorithms or design of systems generally related to challenges we deal with at Waldo. We are interested in how you approach the problem, not the solution!

Meet the Team

  • Day 8-10
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Interviewer: Co-founder/CEO

What to expect: A chance for you to get to know more members of our team and learn more about the direction of Waldo. We're more than happy to set you up with any amount of meetings with any members of the team you wish!