Past and future

Their story

Their story

Two school friends came together to co-found Waldo because they were frustrated by how mobile apps test and ship new code. But because simple is not fun, they refused to simply repackage outdated existing solutions and instead decided to build a new technology and approach from the ground up. Like it's often the case in "garage start-up" stories, the tasks seemed quite daunting. So they locked themselves in their apartment, and after 72 sleepless hours, they had a very first tinder of a workable prototype.

After two years of continued R&D, Laurent, Amine, and their core engineering team (2 other people at the time), Waldo's technology reached an initial level of maturity that made it prime for exploring if companies would buy into our vision for mobile testing - and actually buy our service. This led us to our Seed series, a year and a half of trials, learnings, and iterations, growing the team from 5 to 22 people.

Our seed growth allowed us to attract key executives in Sales and Marketing and led to our Series A back in January 2022. This round will help us bring in talents that will help us continue to innovate and champion Waldo's approach to shipping high-quality mobile apps.

Kick-off (2018)

Co-founders Amine and Laurent embark on a journey full of sleepless nights locked inside a house in Portugal, designing, coding, erasing. Repeat.

Seeing the light

We finally cracked the matrix and are able to speak the same language as mobile phones. First successfully recorded tests, automatic runs, reliable results, and our first customers!


we have been listening to our customers and more app teams chose to onboard with Waldo, never looking back. Making our customers happy is our #1 priority.

Bigger & Better

New website, new onboarding, more options for customers: like Simba, our llama is officially introduced to the world and growingly established companies look into Waldo as a viable testing option.

Learning (2021)

With each new successes come a new set of challenges. More customers, means more support, more education and more insight into how we can continue to deliver value to our customers.

Series A

We raised our Series A with Insight Partners. Objective, more innovation, more growth. Nico Synder, former Code Climate, joins us as VP Sales; Ben Winter, joins as VP Marketing, Growth.

Company values


You hold the keys. You have your goals and responsibilities, but you also have a lot of room to be creative, experiment, fail and learn.

Freedom and responsibility:

We focus on outcomes, not the hours spent at work. You know best when you’re the most productive and how you want to balance work and life.

Egoless culture:

We all left our egos before joining Waldo and so did our cofounders before creating it in 2017. We are all humble individuals that never pat our own backs, but rather find joy in pointing out the great work of others!

Candid feedback:

We all crave candid feedback. Being respectful, thoughtful, and honest with giving and receiving feedback is how we all grow collectively to get better as a team.

Commitments and CSR

People come from all places and backgrounds: isn't it what makes humanity beautiful?

At Waldo, we firmly believe so. We pride ourselves in being able to create a talented team that works extremely well together regardless of nationality, race, gender, political opinions, etc. At Waldo, you will be assessed on your character, open-mindedness, and skill, which ensures we provide the same level of opportunity to anyone who reaches out to us.