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Waldo reinvents the mobile development process by empowering mobile developers to create automated tests quickly and easily to fix bugs during development.

Remember the last time you opened your favorite app, and it went crazy on you, or flat out crashed? It's because the developers worked hard to improve your experience, but sometimes, they go too fast, don't test the update enough, and bugs slip through the cracks🪳 The problem is that testing is:

🦥 Slow

😖 Tedious

💰 Expensive

How could they have prevented putting you through this misery? By using Waldo.

We've built a new technology from the ground up that makes it easy, quick, and affordable to test mobile apps automatically. They can let their creativity run wild, develop bold new features, and fix bugs before releasing an app update on the Apple or Android Store.

Waldo runs behind the scenes of some of your favorite apps like Alan, Lemonade, AllTrails and more.

The company recently closed a $15M Series A by Insight Partners (lead), Matrix Partners, and First Round Capital. Waldo's HQ is in NYC, but is remote-friendly with teammates across the US and Europe.

What they are looking for

We love responsibility and autonomy, so we are organically remote-friendly. You can work from anywhere you want as long as the job is done: plain and simple.

On that topic. We pride ourselves on not knowing everything because it means we have more room to improve. However, we are methodical about how we approach problems:

🎯 Having clear KPIs

🧐 Analyzing data and identifying issues

📝 Planning and executing a hypothesis

♽ Rinse, repeat.

This simple principle is applied by everyone, across all teams, and helped us grow tremendously. If this is you, then you're in the right place :)

Good to know

Waldo is an engineering and product-led culture, meaning that its approach to work is both scientific and creative.

"Scientific" because Waldo's working culture is based on experimentation, iteration, and objective analysis. One should be willing to challenge their own ideas and the ideas of others in the pursuit of a better path forward. Egos are left at the door. It’s never a competition for who is right, but rather what is most right.

"Creative" in that the team supports daring and unconventional ideation. Waldo’s team is methodical, but not rigid in their thinking or approach to problems. They take their work seriously, but never themselves too seriously.

It’s a culture that nurtures the value of how to think rather than what to think.

Freedom and responsibility: We focus on outcomes, not the hours spent at work. You know best when you’re the most productive and how you want to balance work and life.

Ownership: You hold the keys. You have your goals and responsibilities, but you also have a lot of room to be creative, experiment, fail and learn.

Disagree and commit: Disagree and commit divulges the importance of commitment despite our differences. At its core, it supports unity, maturity to disconnect our identity from our ideas and support others even when we do not agree with their point of view. It doesn’t hide the fact that we disagree nor dismiss the value of our opinion, it simply guides us to know when it’s time to get past our conviction and work with others instead of working against them.

Candid feedback: We all crave candid feedback. Being respectful, thoughtful, and honest with giving and receiving feedback is how we all grow collectively to get better as a team.

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