Welcome to Waldo! If you are here, it's because you are curious about the type of team you'd be working with if you joined us. Let's take a tour together!

Our company is organized into 3 main teams: 

  • Go-to-market (GTM)
  • Product & Engineering
  • Operations & HR

These functions are led by senior managers and executives, with extensive experience in the SaaS and engineering tools industry. They put their 30+ years of cumulative experience in support of our values: freedom and responsibility, ownership, zero-ego, and candid feedback. This organization grants each individual contributor the freedom to try things in a delineated framework that promotes focus.


Employee breakdown

  • GTM (Marketing, Sales and Customer Success)


  • Engineering & Product


  • Operations & People


Product & Engineering team

This team is at the core of what we do here at Waldo. Our solution is user-friendly but the technology that powers it is complex and powerful. Because our product and engineer culture is based on autonomy, leadership usually likes to throw a problem statement. Each individual on the team takes one and goes with it to figure out and own a clean and scalable solution.

Both engineering and design work in tandem to transform concepts into actionable new features that drives value for our customers and propels our long-term vision for testing.

Team Composition:

  • Full Stack
  • Backend
  • Front-end
  • iOS 
  • CTO
  • Product & Design Lead
  • Product Designer

"The type of best fit for our team is autonomous. […] We want to continue building on this culture by bringing on people that are problem solvers, who love the idea of owning a challenge til completion."

Go-to-market Team

Our GTM team is the interface between Waldo and the wider world. They help with framing the message, prospecting, championing Waldo's value, and helping customers reduce time-to-value once they choose to use Waldo.

More than a science, selling is the art of using quantitative and qualitative market data: our GTM is well-versed in this exercise. As part of the GTM team, you will be working under our VP of Marketing & Growth (Ben), and our VP of Sales (Nico) to grow and scale Waldo.

Current Team Composition:

  • VP Sales
  • VP Marketing, Growth
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Development representatives
  • Customer Success Managers

"I'm looking for people who are creative and take a stab at building up that story. I'm hiring an opinion: I want somebody to come in, see the technology and test a story with the market."