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Flexibility 🌟

You decide your work hours and we all strive to organize our work as as to maximize work/life balance

Remote working 🌟

We work where we want, when we want

Meaningful 🌟

Our work directly impacts global issues, the future of cities, and quality of life

Diversity of tasks 🌟

Everyone's role evolves according to their strengths, curiosity, and ambitions

Accessibility of the co-founders 🌟

No questions are off-limits

Career development

We are a fast growing startup, which means each employee has the ability to grow and evolve when it comes to their role and responsibilitiesOur remote working environment and international reach also allow for geographical flexibility.

Urban Radar's culture revolves around each team member being fully fulfilled in their work. Everyone is encouraged to express what skills they wish to develop or explore. No one is put in a box!

Testimonial from Noémie, Web Developer

In San Francisco, I had the opportunity to meet Philippe who offered me a job at Urban Radar in spring 2020, during the first lockdown. He put me directly in touch with Geoffrey, our CTO with whom I am currently working as a web developer. Geoffrey is very attentive to the needs and desires of the whole Urban Radar team. He gives me the autonomy I need to thrive, while also attentive to the desire to grow professionally. When I became interested in the product side of the company, he was more than willing to guide me and give me advice so I could hit the ground running. I like working at Urban Radar as I know there is mutual trust between team members,, benevolence and plenty of opportunity for growth


Training and knowledge sharing are at the heart of Urban Radar's operations. For example, twice a month, a team member presents a topic bridging the gap between technical, product and sales expertise to the entire team. Mentoring and sharing our experience is a natural part of our daily routine.

The team works in English, allowing those who are not native speakers to improve.

We encourage everyone to learn and participate in conferences or webinars on topics not directly related to their daily activity. Why do we do this? We believe that the success of Urban Radar comes from cross-sectional knowledge and our ability to link subjects that may not be related at first glance.


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

We work largely from home, but are still able to maintain our team spirit throughSlack or WhatsApp. In addition to weekly or daily meetings, we make an effort to schedule “free time” together, making sure not to segregate technical teams from non-technical teams.

Every month, a team member is in charge of leading the monthly team meetings and challenges. What was our last challenge? Guess what the "secret power" of each team member is. The winner received a nice surprise at home!