Urban Radar

Urban Radar

Mobility, Public and Local Agencies

Paris, Copenhague, San Francisco, Strasbourg


⭐ Founded in 2019 by two French expats in Silicon Valley, Urban Radar develops technological solutions for urban planners. Through our platform, we aim to maximise the social and economic benefits of the mobility revolution for cities.

💡 Momentum around “car free” cities, micro and shared mobility schemes, and increasing volumes of deliveries are forcing cities to rethink the organization of their curbs and other public spaces. Often unable to access and quickly interpret key data, urban planners are turning towards solutions like Urban Radar to inform their policy decisions.

🌍 With a presence in over 8 countries, Urban Radar has witnessed an ever-increasing demand for our products.

What they are looking for

Based on the international experiences of our co-founders and a large majority of team members, Urban Radar is looking for candidates who will thrive in our company culture centered around the following principles:

  • Respect for individual ideas and autonomy, while being part of a team
  • Projects and work with a purpose based on principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Pragmatic approach to complex problems
  • Significant amount of responsibilities within each role, challenging each team member … in a good way!

Good to know

Overheard at Urban Radar:

  • "I've been working remotely for the past two months from Barcelona."
  • "Who's going into the office tomorrow?"
  • "Thanks for trusting me."
  • "This is the first time I feel like my job actually means something."
  • "Wow, the company is growing quickly."
  • "That’s cool! How can I learn to do that?”
  • "Wait, you really met the Queen of England? Did you have to curtsey?"
  • "Don't worry, I can cover you for the meeting in Copenhagen tomorrow."

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