Urban Radar

Urban Radar

Mobility, Public and Local Agencies

Paris, Copenhague, San Francisco, Strasbourg

Organization and methodologies

The Tech team works in SCRUM. We have a team meeting every Monday where we task for the upcoming week. We also have a daily meeting to discuss issues and problem solve.

We also use merge requests, uni-tests or Eslint to make the code understandable by all.

All our code is written in English and favors docstrings.

Projects and tech challenges

Our platform - Insights - offers data visualization and analytics, helping to inform cities’ decisions about all aspects of city life, from mobility to land use and the environment.

Placing the user at the center, Insights is simple, understandable and accessible.

Our key challenge: making our platform as flexible as possible so it can adapt to multiple sectors and use cases, and varying client needs. .

Recruitment process

  • CV/Lettre
  • Premier entretien : Screening (30 min)
  • Second entretien : Technique (60 min).