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Ultra's executives saw an opportunity to leverage their game-industry experience and extensive understanding of blockchain technology to build Ultra, a next-generation PC game distribution platform.
Our intention is to solve the market monopoly Steam currently benefits from by offering a disruptive solution powered by innovations only possible with a distributed ledger and cryptocurrency technology. The project will benefit from proven technology we already own such as content distribution technology that works similarly to Steam, an in-game UI overlay technology and our custom developed blockchain technology.
We have a long-term vision, we value innovation and have the desire to provide the best user experience. We designed our platform by starting with the user experience first then defined the technical solutions to achieve our goals.
We are targeting the world market and have secured strategic partnerships to power an important user-base growth. We believe you'll know your requirements better than us and in partnership with our ultra technologist, we are prepared to empower and support you by giving you control over all the technical and organizational decisions required to achieve our platform's backend vision.
You will help to define the stack necessary, the roles you’ll need on your team and what kind of technology or equipment should be acquired.

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    From 15 to 50 employees
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    Video Games

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