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Our story

Our story

Launched in 2016 by Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux, Emmanuelle Fauchier-Magnan and Samy Amar, Skello is a fast growing company based in Paris. Thanks to a €40 million Serie B round of financing in 2021 from Partech and its historical funds, Skello is continuing to conquer the European market and its technological development.

And in order to grow exponentially, Skello needs to have a very strong culture in order to stay united and continue its growth while remaining true to its principles !

What does this mean in concrete terms ?

Our growth ambitions

Our three main challenges :

  • Remain client-centric : Our objective is to evolve our solution and adapt it to the context and needs of our clients.
  • Strengthen our European presence : We want to become the European leader by increasing our customer portfolio in the five markets where we are present (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany) thanks to the support of our local offices in Paris, Barcelona and Hamburg.
  • Expand business sectors : After the restaurant, hotel and catering and health sectors, our turnkey solution allows us to expand into other sectors such as industry, food and specialised distribution and the food trade.
Our growth ambitions
Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture

At Skello, we have built a DNA that is unique to us and that we strive to live up to every day.

Our values have been defined as to who we are and what we want to achieve. We cultivate difference, but there is one thing we have in common: the goals and ambition that drive us forward both personally and professionally. This culture brings us together and guides our day-to-day behaviour, but it is also there to support each of our employees as they start out and grow.

What you are about to read below is the foundation of our culture: it formalises our values as well as the principles and guidelines that we live by every day at Skello and illustrates them through concrete examples.

The aim is twofold :

  • To enable those outside the company to understand our world
  • To allow team members to maintain a certain objectivity

This guide is not intended to be static and will evolve with our group, our ambitions and our successes !

Skello's 5 values: "POHER" :

Skello's 5 values: "POHER" :

  • Passion : enjoy working
  • Ownership : being an entrepreneur within a startup
  • Humility : never take anything for granted and learn from your mistakes
  • Empathy : put yourself in the shoes of the client and others in the team
  • Fighting Spirit : never give up, tenacity @Aude Phelip voir avec marketing

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Skello is a European company with one mission: to reinvent shifted work through a collaborative solution which enables the whole team to better anticipate, organize and communicate.

How do we do it? Through collaborative and intuitive technology. In concrete terms, Skello is a SaaS HR management solution for all establishments with complex schedules. For managers, Skello optimises the organisation of work and helps them make decisions about managing team costs. For employees, Skello facilitates their communication and simplifies their daily life.

Skello’s ambition is to be the number one solution for shifted work teams in Europe. To achieve this, Skello raised a €40M Series B round of financing from expert funds in the field (Partech, Aglaé Ventures & XAnge) in order to bring ever more value to our clients through new features and to open up new markets, beyond our historic industries such as hospitality, retail and health.

Good to know

Skello offre à chaque employé une multitude d'avantages pour le bien-être et l'épanouissement professionnel :

🍀 Plus qu’un salaire

  • Carte Ticket Restaurant Swile
  • Couverture santé Side Care
  • Remboursement à 50% du titre de transport & forfait mobilité durable
  • Subvention Sport et Culture
  • Accès à Leeto (solution d’avantages salariés) avec de nombreux tarifs préférentiels

⏰ Équilibre vie pro/perso

  • 5 à 10 jours de repos supplémentaires pour tous, en plus des 5 semaines de congés payés
  • Politique de télétravail raisonnée, adaptée au rythme de chaque équipe & budget de 150€ pour un espace de travail confortable chez soi

🚀 Développement professionnel

  • Budget de formation continue par équipe (possibilité par exemple de se former aux langues avec des partenaires de confiance comme Lingueo & Busuu)
  • Réelles opportunités d'évolution et d'épanouissement professionnel (des career path transparents permettant équité et projection sur le long terme)

🌈 Inclusion & bien-être

  • Politique de parentalité inclusive
  • Environnement prônant la diversité avec une répartition H/F de 60%/40% (formations des manager sur l’inclusion)
  • Budget pour faire vivre le collectif et la culture d’entreprise au quotidien (2 séminaires facultatifs organisés par an, une équipe happiness manager engagée, etc.)
  • Salle de sport pour rester en forme
  • Bureaux en plein cœur de Paris et Barcelone

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