Human Resources, Mobile Apps, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Madrid


Skello is a European company with one mission: to reinvent shifted work through a collaborative solution which enables the whole team to better anticipate, organize and communicate.

How do we do it? Through collaborative and intuitive technology. In concrete terms, Skello is a SaaS HR management solution for all establishments with complex schedules. For managers, Skello optimises the organisation of work and helps them make decisions about managing team costs. For employees, Skello facilitates their communication and simplifies their daily life.

Skello’s ambition is to be the number one solution for shifted work teams in Europe. To achieve this, Skello raised a €40M Series B round of financing from expert funds in the field (Partech, Aglaé Ventures & XAnge) in order to bring ever more value to our clients through new features and to open up new markets, beyond our historic industries such as hospitality, retail and health.

What they are looking for

If you are ready to join a startup that is going to become a European leader, if you want to move mountains to get there, don't wait any longer, apply, it's for you!

  • Passion : This is the primary motivation that drives each employee on a daily basis in managing their personal or collective projects and objectives.
  • The Monthly : Every first Thursday of the month, we review progresses, successes and challenges of all the teams.
  • The Happiness team : Elected all three-month, the Happiness team is a team of employees in charge of delivering happiness on all levels. Afterworks, activities, themed evenings... They take care of each employee.
  • Random Coffee : Every month, employees are chosen to meet other employees of the company. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks... The aim is to spend time together and get to know each other better.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then go for it!

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