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To serve our mission, we are organised around 4 main business lines: training, consulting, insurance and financing.

At regular intervals throughout the year, each of us can contribute, in line with our skills and aspirations, to different types of missions, across these four business lines. At AXA Climate, there is a wide range of expertise: scientific (climate, biodiversity, carbon, health, etc.); data (mathematics, machine learning, etc.); technology (front, back, data engineers, etc.); product (product manager, owner, etc.); consulting (strategic, operational, etc.); training (writing, audiovisual production, etc.); insurance (underwriting, etc.); sales and partnerships.

Each one is supported, via a specific budget, to grow and develop new skills!

AXA Climate
AXA Climate

Climate School

The Climate School's mission is to enable companies in all sectors to train and engage all their employees to succeed in their ecological transition.

Our current product is an e-learning course built around +150 micro-chapters, customizable, enjoyable and easy to follow, structured around two main courses:

  • Understanding the science: climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, the depletion of natural resources, and their impact on our lives.
  • Taking action: Job by job, the Climate School allows everyone to draw up their own roadmap (with specific courses for IT, HR, Purchasing, Finance, Legal, etc.).

I joined the Climate School for its mission (in my opinion of general interest), its ambition in terms of impact (training millions of employees) and its team (united to achieve this ambition, in a very good atmosphere).

Clément, Head of Content Climate School

The environmental transition is a major transformation about to impact every company and employee on the planet. In order to succeed in this transformation, companies must harness the power of their employees. 76% of them say that they are ready to take action on climate change in their professional lives. To do so, every employee will have to understand the basic science principles of this transformation and know how to act in response to these changes. With this vision in mind, the mission of the Climate School is to enable companies from all industries to upskill and engage all their employees to succeed in their environmental transition.

Our results so far :

  • We launched our service in early 2021 - We are already working with 30+ clients amongst top French companies (Schneider, Saint-Gobain, JLL, Ubisoft, ...)
  • The Climate School already counts more than 2 million users
  • What’s next for the Climate School?
What’s next for the Climate School?

What’s next for the Climate School?

Today, we are recruiting across all departments (Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Product, Content, Ops) to expand our reach and train millions of people in France and internationally.

Tech Team

Our ambition is to create an optimised platform for the calculation of automated and flexible climate indicators: data is our core business ! A large part of our work is dedicated to the automation, standardisation and continuous improvement of our processes. 

We also try to have a scientific approach of systematic peer review for all our technical choices. This includes:

  • infrastructure as code: everything that can be automated is automated
  • a systematic review process: all code produced is reviewed by at least one third party and must go through an automated validation
  • a progressive, constantly evolving architecture

I am part of an engineering team in expansion and my role is to develop products related to weather and climate impacting our clients, using the best technologies, in an environment where tech is at heart of the company and in constant evolution.

Hideki, Software engineer

Science Team

Science is at the heart of AXA Climate value proposition, and as such supports AXA Climate business lines (Climate School, Insurance, Industry/Agri/Finance/Public Adaptation) tackle climate change adaptation. We work to model the expected financial losses from various types of hazards (extreme and chronic) and various type of assets (infrastructures, real estate, industrial clients, agro industry, supply chain). We harness our inhouse scientific expertise on climate, nature and impact to:

  • Quantify assets vulnerabilities to various hazards, relying on internal and external sources of information.
  • Model the probability of occurrence of extreme climate hazards.
  • Maintaining state of the art methods and data for value at risk assessments.

Our team of experts on climate, geology, hydrology, agronomy and risk have a deep understanding of climate and natural hazards and have strong coding and modeling skills. They also share a similar passion for nature, sharing their expertise and cultivating their knowledge!

I help clients to adapt to flood risks. I assess the flood risk by combining hazard, exposure and vulnerability data, and I assess the cost-effectiveness of flood mitigation solutions to elaborate flood resilience plans.

Alvaro, Flood expert

Our results so far :

  • We work with over 20 research centers worldwide on state-of-the-art modeling techniques and data
  • We develop our own climate risk indicators based on the best available research
  • We publish our work in scientific journals and share it broadly via our blog and conferences
👉 Discover the Science Team blog articles
  • What’s next for the Science Team ?
What’s next for the Science Team ?

What’s next for the Science Team ?

Today, we are recruiting experts on many domains (flood, wildfire, extreme events, risk analysis…) to answer our business lines growing needs.

Consulting Team

We offer consulting around climate adaptation, by helping customers understand the financial, environmental & social impacts of climate change to achieve sustainable development goals and accelerate transition to a regenerative economy. We are sector agnostic because everyone is concerned. We support businesses/investors adapt their assets to climate change and minimize their impacts. We help public institutions protect vulnerable populations against climate risks. We secure the agritransition to turn it into a competitive advantage. Everything we do is backed by data and technology, and we leverage science to convince organisations to shift their business models towards resilient models.

We are a young and ambitious team that is committed to bringing value to our clients. We work on exciting topics at the intersection of tech, science and business

Rafaëlla, Financial Services Consultant

Insurance Team

The Insurance Team is reinventing the insurance business with the extensive use of satellite images and taking into account the resiliency of our customers facing climate risks. We are fully committed to support them in their transition and their ESG engagements. We notably use a new type of insurance called parametric insurance which allows clients to get their losses paid in a few days without any loss adjusters visits. It allows us to serve both private and public sectors, supporting notably emerging countries to reduce their protection gap.

We are about 30 people in charge of parametric insurance design. My main role consists of modelling climate perils. What I appreciate is the diversity of profiles and expertise (climate, risk, legal) in a friendly, dynamic and demanding environment.

Nerea, Insurance Underwritter

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