AXA Climate

AXA Climate

EdTech, SaaS / Cloud Services, Strategy

Paris, Berlin, London, Zurich


AXA Climate’s purpose is to make regenerative business universal.

Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies. To that end, we are transforming our business models, our organizations and our collective missions. And this transformation movement drives us.

We are changing the paradigm: our companies are living beings, nested in the living world. To serve this mission we have four lines of business: 

  • Training: digital and scientific content that gets all employees engaged by giving them skills and tools
  • Consulting: having an impact at the local level through concrete adaptation actions
  • Insurance and financing: securing those who adapt and have an impact

What they are looking for

People who share our values and our mission! 

  • Passion : the team is passionate about the climate and environmental issues. 
  • Ambition : the team is always dreaming big, in terms of impact. 
  • Benevolence and Mutual aid: AXA Climate team members support rather than compete with each other, helping their peers grow and sharing common goals.

Good to know

AXA Climate is itself a living organism which evolves organically over time. There is no organizational chart nor hierarchy that locks people in. At AXA Climate, performance objectives are collective as we all push in the same direction. Feedback is given on a weekly basis to allow for continuous improvement. Everyone is supported to develop new skills and grow individually, at the same time as the team. To sum up: at AXA Climate everyone, as long as they are serving the collective mission, is given the maximum freedom.

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