AB Tasty

AB Tasty

AdTech / MarTech, Software

Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux, Cologne, Köln, London, Madrid, Montréal, Nantes, New York City, San Francisco, Singapore

Organization and methodologies

Efficient collaboration and clear structures are crucial in product development.   Our team of 9 product managers and 6 designers operates in chapters, working closely with developers in squads. (Chapters promote knowledge sharing and specialized learning / Squad collaboration ensures cross-functional approaches)

They have autonomy over backlogs, empowering decision-making based on understanding product and user needs.

They present objectives quarterly, fostering transparency and accountability. 

We encourage agile frameworks like two-week sprints and rituals such as dailies and retroplannings.   

Recruitment process

Our hiring process is made of 5 steps:

  1. Once your resume sent, our Talent Acquisition team will contact you to learn more about you or let you know when your profile doesn’t match our requirements (30 min)
  2. You will meet with the hiring manager so you can discuss your skills and motivation to join our team (60 min)
  3. You will take a technical interview (60 min)
  4. You will meet your team members (30 min)
  5. A final culture fit check can be done to make sure that the match is good, both for AB Tasty and for you! (30 min)

Reference check can be done to verify information the candidate has provided