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Career development

At YellowScan we support our employees' professional evolution. We make this a priority and we are fortunate to have an organization that allows us to favor these internal mobilities.

All employees are aware of the opportunities available and can consider new positions.

To enable employees to take up their new functions in the best possible conditions, we have a significant training budget, which allows us to define a training plan for each internal mobility.

Since the creation of YellowScan, we have supported the professional development of 8 employees who have changed functions internally.

It is always a great satisfaction to see one of our employees flourish in new missions and new challenges.

We wish to be open, imaginative and encouraging for each professional development project.

Today, I am truly proud and happy to see that every change of position I've had at YellowScan has allowed me to build on previous foundations to improve things and have them make sense. I am fortunate to be in a multifaceted position with many tasks and opportunities that are accompanied by the trust of all and allow me to showcase my skills, as well as my interests and what I enjoy doing.

Thibaud Capra - Product Manager


We have a substantial training budget, which allows us to be ambitious in developing the skills of each and every employee.

100% of the courses needs expressed by YellowScan employees have been implemented!

Here are some of the courses attended: "Becoming a better Scrum Master", "Certified Product Marketing Manager Training", "Leading a cross-functional team", "PMP Certification".

We have also supported the VAE (Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience) process for a Master's degree for someone already in their role.

Finally, for employees who want to better understand the various jobs in the company: we can offer a "Day in the Life".