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Jakub, the sell-side Equity Research Analyst, has been working for the WOOD team for over ten years now. He focuses on airlines and real estate companies, aiming to predict their performance. Based on this, he assists clients - fund managers - in deciding which companies to invest in and which ones to steer clear of.

Together with colleagues from the Equity department, Jakub also organizes conferences, where WOOD & Co. connects C-level management of companies from the EMEA region with investors from funds worldwide. In the equity research team, Jakub collaborates with 15-20 other analysts - his colleagues are based in London, Warsaw, Bucharest, Athens, Istanbul, or Tbilisi. Working alongside investment bankers, Jakub and his team also help companies secure funding for further development, such as entering the stock market.

When he's not chasing clients, he's chasing mountains. As he says, he loves gossip, romantic fireplaces, and mourning willows. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and his greatest wish is love and world peace.

Gabriela joined WOOD & Co. in 2021 as a Product Owner for the WOOD & Co. client portal. Her goal was to replace the outdated application and build a solution with her team that met market standards in terms of security and customer requirements. After launching the new portal, Gabriela focused on the strategy to migrate existing customers to the new application and collected requirements for the subsequent phases of the project. From previous years, she brings experience in developing third-party CRM systems and leading development or business teams across multiple projects. As the Product Owner of the portal, Gabriela is responsible for planning, prioritizing, and defining the vision for the system's future development. Additionally, she manages the product backlog—creating and maintaining its content—and, together with the team (Backend, Frontend, UX), oversees planning and prioritization within the agile methodology. Effective collaboration among multiple development teams is crucial for product development. Therefore, ensuring their efficient cooperation is vital to ensure timely readiness for production deployment. In this context, the Product Owner bears responsibility for actively addressing issues that may affect the successful completion of sprints and the implementation of changes for end users.

Gabriela values the work environment immensely and appreciates the friendly atmosphere within the team. They operate in a hybrid model, working from home on some days and gathering in the office on others.

They frequently meet outside the office, not only to celebrate project milestones but also to have fun during beach volleyball tournaments or fantastic team-building activities.

Upon completing his master's studies at IE Business School in Madrid, Robin joined the investment banking team at WOOD & Co. in Prague in 2019. Right from the start, in his advisory role, he had the opportunity to participate in significant transactions taking place in the Czech Republic and the Central European region. Whether it's the sale of private companies to domestic and international investors or the placement of companies on the stock exchange in Prague or abroad through IPOs, Robin, as an investment banker, contributes to the preparation, structuring, and management of transactional processes.

His role involves negotiations with investors and coordinating the activities of other involved parties throughout the process.

In his position, Matej monitors the performance of Venture Capital investments and crypto investments while conducting comprehensive research on new projects. Currently, he is responsible for processing issuances of various risky projects and collaborates on managing the WOOD & Company Blockchain+ sub-fund. What Matěj finds most fascinating about his position is the diversity of work; every month brings new projects to focus on.

He joined WOOD & Co. based on a recommendation from an acquaintance and has been with the company for three years. When he started, he was at the beginning of his bachelor's studies, and now he's nearing the end of his master's. His team comprises a total of six people.

He works a minimum of three times a week, combining work with studies, and in his free time, he dedicates himself to sport and spending time with friends.

Jakub started taking an interest in stocks at the age of twelve, and his passion for them has stayed with him ever since. At WOOD & Co. he began working as a stock specialist, focusing on staying updated on individual stocks and market trends, and assists clients in identifying investment opportunities. He particularly enjoys the ever-changing dynamics of the stock market environment. He's part of a team of eleven experts, and among other things, they have a lot of fun together.

What he loves about his job is the considerable flexibility it offers, including the option to work from home.

One of his favorite perks is the multisport card. In his free time, Jakub enjoys sports and spending time with friends.


WOOD & Company ("WOOD & Co.") is among the leading investment firms in Central and Eastern Europe. While headquartered in Prague, its reach extends far beyond the region, spanning the entire financial world from New York to Astana. Since 2001, the company has been led by its current owners, Vladimir Jaroš, Jan Sýkora, and Ľubomír Šoltýs. As a pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe, WOOD & Co. has executed numerous first-time stock trades and other significant investment products. Wood & Co. combines local expertise with international experience. With offices in the region and key financial centers like London and Milan, it remains close to all its clients and continues to lead in Central and Eastern Europe, even after 30 years.

What they are looking for

WOOD & Co. is not looking for sprinters, but marathon runners because at WOOD, they believe that courage and endurance prevail in the financial world, and success is achieved by resilient and persistent individuals who contribute to achieving business goals. They value their employees, recognize success, and prioritize mutual motivation to collectively reach our full potential. WOOD & Co. is filled with talented and enthusiastic people who are not afraid to express themselves, are proactive, and have a healthy level of ambition.

Good to know

WOOD & Co. is a holding company by structure, but in reality, the word "family" suits them well. Employees have a close relationship with the owners, who are always eager to listen to a good idea or consider a new business opportunity. In WOOD, nothing is impossible as long as it complies with the rules set by regulatory authorities.

  • They have offices in more than 7 European countries.
  • They take pride in their gender and age balance because effort and results are what matter.
  • They care about and value their employees, striving to continuously improve and balance work effort and leisure time. Iconic terrace parties at Palladium, sports activities, and access to healthcare services for themselves and their families are all part of the benefits their employees can enjoy.

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