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Wellow is dedicated to tackling the housing crisis and social isolation among young people by developing a new model of collective and urban living.

Our goal is to create one of the largest hosted communities across Europe, offering an immersive and interactive lifestyle within cities.

With a vision to foster vibrant communities, Wellow provides access to fully furnished rooms in shared apartments.

The Wellow experience goes beyond just a place to live. It encompasses a city-wide journey enriched by social interactions, including weekly sports, cultural, and charitable events.

Moreover, we are not alone in this endeavor. By collaborating with the local community and cultural organisations, we connect our members to the wider community, and we provide opportunities for them to make a positive impact in their cities.

To enrich the experience further, we have developed an innovative digital interface that enables our members to effortlessly engage with the community, participate in city events, avail themselves of exclusive offers, and much more.

For private owners and institutions, Wellow addresses the challenges of rental risks in large residential properties.

We provide practical solutions to issues such as vacancies, asset maintenance, and payment defaults, ensuring a secure investment.

Today, Wellow boasts a community of nearly 400 members spread across 100+ addresses in Paris.

Join the Wellow team and be part of a transformative movement!

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Wellow is constantly on the lookout for new talents to join our team.

We are seeking individuals who have a passion for social impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as they will become true ambassadors of our mission!

We are in search of ambitious, curious, creative individuals with a strong initiative.

Empathy and active listening are highly valued qualities at Wellow, as we believe in co-creating our development directly with our members.

To achieve this, our team regularly engages with our clients, aiming to be intimately connected with their reality and needs.

Wellow is a startup created by young people, for young people! ⚡️

Bon à savoir

At Wellow, we offer:

✅ A clear mission: Facilitating access to housing and combating social isolation among young people.

🚀 Ambitions that match our mission: Creating the largest hosted community in Europe.

🍀 A certified mission-driven company since January 2023.

⚡ A young and dynamic team.

🍺 Regular (and lively) afterwork gatherings.

🎢 Internal growth opportunities.

Join Wellow and be part of a purposeful journey where we make a real impact on the lives of young individuals.

We embrace innovation, teamwork, and a vibrant work culture that fosters personal and professional development.

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