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Marek is a venture capital and private equity (VC/PE) native.

After his return to Slovakia, he co-founded 0100 Ventures - a venture builder behind Campus Cowork, Zero Gravity Capital, or 0100 Conferences. Seeing the vast technological gap in an industry that invests in the most innovative companies, he started Vestberry - a portfolio monitoring solution for VC/PE.

Together with his co-founders Matej (design) and Ján (technology), they focus on understanding customer needs and delivering them through scalable software."

Marián is a software engineer turned product manager.

Since his graduation in 2013, he has created software products in telco, real estate, and security verticals, recently landing in the venture capital world. He has spent a lot of time thinking about creating tech products customers love instead of just “shoveling” features out the door.

Marián is building a product team with the mission of becoming the tool of choice for portfolio monitoring.

Sheetal is a globetrotter who can develop relationships across cultures.

After her experience in India, AIESEC took her on a journey through Oman and Mauritius, landing in Slovakia in 2012. Since then, she has got to know the Slovak startup scene, meeting our CEO Marek through 0100 Conferences in 2016.

After two years in the process mining industry, she returned to Venture Capital to help us develop customer relationships worldwide.

Natália is a relationship manager with a passion for the financial world.

Starting her career in Dell in 2016, she rotated through Intesa Sanpaolo and Erste Group to land in the Venture Capital world in 2019 as a Conference Director. Similar to our CEO Marek, as she got to know the financial world through the words of industry thought leaders, she also noticed the technological gap.

At the start of 2021, she joined Vestberry to help our customers bridge the gap and upgrade their workflow.

Michal is a software engineer on the path towards an engineering manager.

Michal began his career during university as a Data Analyst and continued as a backend developer after graduation. He joined Vestberry at the end of 2020.

Since then, on top of delivering quality code, he actively participates in roadmap prioritization, develops younger team members, and recruits new talent to the team.

Get to know them!

For the last four years, Vestberry has been building a fintech analytical tool that's helping manage billions of dollars worth of Private Equity & Venture Capital fund investments. They are on track to becoming the industry's standard for portfolio management thanks to customers like Atomico - the 2nd largest EU VC fund, which invested in companies like Wolt, Skype, or Stripe. To reach their ambitious, but realistic goals, they are looking to grow their team.

What they are looking for

They are a bunch that enjoys working with people who:

  • Keep a chill and pragmatic attitude to get shit done.
  • Demonstrate strong ownership, where no task is beneath them.
  • Learn from other people's mistakes and follow best practices, where applicable.
  • Foster their curiosity to try the road less traveled to achieve their goals if best practice isn't enough.
  • Leverage technology to continuously improve their flow.
  • Maintain structure and order, to be always clear about what they are doing.

Vestberry says they are far from perfect, but they try every day. If their attitude resonates with you, they'd love it if you say hi.

Good to know

Vestberry is an opportunity to work in a successful fintech startup with clients all around the world. It's still “just work” and they try not to take themselves too seriously, but they place importance on creating an environment where they can enjoy themselves most of the time.

The more obvious benefits of working with them include:

  • Private modern office full of plants within Campus Cowork in Bratislava's City Center overlooking the presidential palace (sometimes you can give Ms. President a gentle wave).
  • Standard vacation and sick days, but most importantly genuine flexibility, whether you are a night owl who starts late or want to leave early and get your kids from kindergarten. They often also work from home, their parents', or some AirBnB.
  • Multisport card 100% paid for by Vestberry so that you can hit that gym or meet them in the nearby Falkensteiner sauna.

The less obvious benefits include:

  • Your future colleagues will enjoy getting to know you over great coffee served in their Cowork (that they, of course, pay for).
  • Vestberry isn't their first rodeo. While their average age is 30, they've already been through stuff, know where their boundaries are and have a culture where it's OK to admit they don't know something. That's why they love people who know more than them and frequently engage them as consultants or hire them full-time.
  • An atmosphere of mutual trust and growth. They share “typically hidden” details during their all-hands, answer all questions, and often have team-generated sessions where they learn from each other.

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