Agroalimentaire / Nutrition animale, FoodTech

Montrouge, Duppigheim, Grenoble, Villebon-Sur-Yvette


Umiami is a FoodTech specialising in a proprietary texturing technology, umisation, for plant-based meats and fish applications. The firm develops and produces delicious and clean label plant-based chicken breasts, cod fillets and chicken nuggets. Umiami is based in Ile-de-France and partners with brands from all over the world to flood the market with products that are better than meat, in all respects.

What they are looking for

Umiami is looking for food scientists driven by a passion for innovation. It hires teammates in various fields, such as research, product development, industrialisation and quality. As a fast growing FoodTech, Umiami hires people with a great team spirit and a high level of adaptability.

Good to know

They also enjoy spending so time together for:

  • Team buildings in great places of France
  • Have fun around a drink or a brunch
  • Taste new food products

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