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Xavier is Head of Product at SweepBright. After starting a bachelor degree in Languages and Literature, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human-centered Graphic design.

After a brief period as a web designer and web design lead, he transitioned into digital product design and founded the successful product design consultancy Mono in 2014.

In 2021 Xavier joined SweepBright full-time as Head of Product with a mission to bring the power of automation and mobility to real estate agents, so they can focus on the human aspect of their work instead of being locked to a desk.

In his spare time, Xavier likes travelling, practicing martial arts class twice a week, and playing and producing music.

Sirio is CTO at SweepBright. He has been part of the SweepBright's family since 2016 and joined first as a backend developer almost at the beginning. Before SweepBright, Sirio worked with other startups, as a lead developer and co-founder providing him with 8 years of experience in the startup environment.

He’s now managing the technical department of SweepBright, focused on consolidating the application and getting ready to scale. It's a great moment for working here full of challenges and rewards.

Originally from Italy but happily living in Belgium, Sirio loves the peace only snow can provide and the warmth found near a fireplace in winter after a long walk. He also loves electronic music. The more abstract the better !

Raphael is the founder and CIO - Chief Innovation Officer - of SweepBright. After studying management and engineering in Brussels, Raphael started his professional career as a consultant before going for the entrepreneurship life in the real estate environment. He created among others, Gabari, a full service media company working across web, print & mobile, that aims to bring real and effective impact in real estate communication.

Convinced that the real estate agent can be more efficient with a mobile phone ready solution, he created SweepBright in 2016. Today as CIO, Raphael is focusing on strategic projects and innovation for the next phase of SweepBright.

In his spare time, Raphael likes traveling but also cruising on his Scrambler.

Valerie was born and raised in France. Disposing of a double background, one in business and the other in tech as she is also a developer, Valerie has developed an important expertise regarding the tech industry.

Before joining Sweepbright, Valerie created and helped grow several SaaS companies such as JAI, a chatbot technology dedicated to the Human ressources world or Holeest, a programmatic solution that uses targeted advertising to address good candidates with the right message at the right place.

As the CEO of SweepBright today, Valérie’s ambition is to scale the company in order to empower tens of thousands of real estate agents to make a real impact in our sector.

Outside of work, Valerie relaxes through martial arts practicing, hiking, cycling, travelling, partying and enjoying life to its fullest.

Apprenez-en plus sur SweepBright


SweepBright c'est le Saas nouvelle génération qui permet aux agences immobilières de transformer leur parcours agence en expérience digitale.

Depuis 2016, la startup belge accompagne les agences immobilières dans la digitalisation de leur parcours grâce une solution mobile-first et ouverte pour s'intégrer facilement à toutes les innovations du marché.

SweepBright accompagne déjà des centaines de clients, et des milliers d'utilisateurs en France, en Belgique, et en Angleterre. En pleine accélération, l'ambition est forte : 150% de croissance /an sur les trois prochaines années.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Des personnes talentueuses, bienveillantes, hands-on, prêtes à relever tous ces défis et qui se retrouvent dans leurs valeurs : Excellence, Ambition, Data-driven, Team Play.

Bon à savoir

Leur équipe est multiculturelle, et basée dans plusieurs pays, il vous faut savoir travailler à distance et en anglais chez SweepBright !

Être en forte croissance est à la fois excitant et pose de vrais challenges techniques et organisationnelles. Il faut aimer aller vite, structurer en étant agile, faire grandir vite, documenter, repenser leurs modes de travail tous les jours, et voir grand. Prêt à relever le défi avec eux ?

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