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Company values

✨ Our values:

Swan’s core values guide our actions daily. Individually, they may seem obvious, but together, they form a unique culture.

Simplicity: Leonardo Da Vinci said: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If something's convoluted or confusing, we work extra hard to break it down. - Making complex things simple is what we do.

Long Term: We always play the long game, whether it's to support our partners in their growth journey, or make tangible commitments to climate action.

Excellence: We are a team of experts who consistently go all out to create pixel-perfect banking services and exceed our partners' expectations— whatever it takes.

Be Human: We believe in the power of kindness and the importance of acting with integrity. But embracing our humanity extends beyond interpersonal interactions, it means caring about greater issues that affect our planet.

Swan doesn’t want to be the company that pro-claims values but then doesn’t live up to them.

We asked the Swan team a range of magazine interview questions as a pulse check at our last offsite. Here's the gist of what they said.

Describe Swan in 5 words: Ambition, Collaboration, Kind, Joie de vivre, Product culture

What global issues does Swan care about? Like everyone, Swan cares about a bunch of issues. But we’re especially sensitive to the environment and the planet. 🌍 We signed the Climate Act in 2021, with 100+ fast-growing companies, to make concrete commitments to climate action. We encourage each other to recycle, always. We avoid airplanes. Love trains. And we especially love cycling.

What’s the atmosphere like? Serious and studious, but not too much. We love bad jokes at our weekly kick-off meeting and creating emoticons of each other on Slack. At offsites: a good party, a bad karaoke 🎤, and a bottle of bubbly. 🍾

Ideal teammate? Sociable. Skilled. Empathetic. Frank. We love to challenge each other, and we leave our egos at the door.

Brightest memory? There was a range of answers for this one including “champagne night at the castle,” 🏰 and “hike in the mountains.”

How does Swan stand out as a workplace? Every single answer mentioned the kindness of our team. Other popular answers: transparency, autonomy (we’re trusted to do our jobs well), down-to-earth.

How does Swan dance? Not so well, by jumping around! (but always to Nicolas Saison’s amazing

embedded finance music) 🎧🎶

What languages does Swan speak? Our main working language is English, but our team also speaks: Albanian, Arabic, TypeScript, French, German, Go, GraphQL, Kotlin, Japanese, Portuguese, Python, Russian, Scala, Spanish, Thai, TypeScript, Vietnamese...

What are your rituals? Monday kick-off, Friday all-hands. We have a bunch of beloved online games 👾 we play during impromptu breaks. Twice a year we go somewhere gorgeous (a chateau, a mountain 🏔) to re-connect, deep-dive into big topics, and relax.