Customer Success Manager

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    Customer Success Manager

    • CDI 
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    • Paris
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    Supermood makes people happy and engaged at work! ♥️👔

    We develop a multi-tenant SaaS platform to analyze what drive people in organizations, and how to better respond to their needs. HR and top-managers can, therefore, take better people-related decisions, and employees feel better. 👍

    People analytics is a fun field, with everything to re-invent. We mix design, data-science, and magic to understand how employees live their onboarding, how they grow in their company, and how actions impact their engagement. 🎯👌

    Supermood is VC-funded, accelerated by 50 Partners and NUMA, and we’re growing faaaast! We’re the first engagement platform in France (no kiddin’!), with clients like AXA, Total, Decathlon, SUEZ, Fnac Darty, Crédit Agricole, Barrière, etc. (150+ happy clients in total). 🚀

    We are looking for people who are genuinely motivated by our mission and want to spread the Supermood magic around the world. Join us! 😍

    Job description

    We have a solid client base that loves their Supermood experience, it will be your job to maintain and enhance their attachment to our solution.

    You’ll join the Customer Experience team, working closely with Customer Support, Culture Strategy, and the Product teams. Our goal: get our clients to better understand what is happening in their company to act on it.

    As a Customer Success Manager, your job will be to manage your client portfolio as a rockstar! You will ensure the best customer journey from onboarding to renewal by pushing your clients to achieve their goal.

    😎 Your missions

    • Manage your account portfolio (~25 clients) by meeting their needs and enhancing their Supermood experience
    • Ensure customer satisfaction and create Supermood advocates
    • Advise your clients on how to reach their goals
    • Retain your clients and look out for new sales opportunities
    • Master our product so you can drive your clients’ product usage
    • Record any client feedback to share it with the Product Team
    • Challenge and propose new ideas to the Customer Experience Team

    😍 Some cool stuffs you will be working on

    • Build a referral & cross sell program
    • Deploy the Supermood solution on a huge number of employees
    • Change the worklife of thousands of employees
    • Create new materials dedicated to Enterprise clients to push their adoption

    📈 Your success metrics
    We are driven by the impact we have so you will be looking at a couple of metrics to measure it:

    • NPS on your portfolio
    • Retention rate on your client
    • Upsell & cross sell revenue
    • Onboarding time

    Preferred experience

    🎓 What we think is a SuperFit

    • You already have a 1-3 years’ experience in a big company or B2B SaaS start up
    • You are as organised as Hermione Granger
    • You are thriving through multitasking
    • You are great at building strong and confident relationships
    • You know how to spot sales opportunities and close them
    • Your communication is crystal clear
    • You speak perfectly French and are fluent in English
    • You are passionate about our mission
    • You have your own character and are not ashamed to show it!

    😍 What makes us say “Wow”

    • You are a doer more than a thinker
    • You have implemented SaaS solution in big companies
    • You know how big companies work
    • You have read a couple of books about the Future of Work
    • You have used Hubspot in the past

    Recruitment process

    • Send your CV + a motivation letter
    • 30min call to check if there is a match
    • 1h interview with the Head of Customer Experience
    • Case study : analyse the data of one of our client and present us your conclusions
    • 30min interview with the CEO
    • A coffee with the Customer Experience Team

    Welcome to Supermood!

    Meet the team

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    • SaaS / Cloud Services

    Customer Success Manager

    • CDI 
    • Début :  
    • Paris
    • Télétravail ponctuel autorisé
    • Bac +5 / Master
    • > 1 an
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