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Meet the team !

PierreAntoine, Co-founder & CPO

PierreAntoine, Co-founder & CPO

Engineer by trade, entrepreneur at heart, Pierre-Antoine co-founded Sketchfab with Cedric and Alban. He wanted to build something he could be proud of, and which would be loved by its users.

His job is to make product decisions with the other founders, balancing business needs and technical requirements.

As leader of the WEB team, he also makes sure the Frontend and Backend team members are empowered to implement these decisions efficiently – they strive to ship features fast while maintaining a top-notch, user-centered, and always-available platform.

Easy-going and not hiding his personality behind any sort of mask, he is particularly proud of the team Sketchfab has assembled along the way.

Jeanne, Business Development

Jeanne, Business Development

Sketchfab is Jeanne’s first job. She joined in 2017 to work on partnerships, and transitioned to craft the Sketchfab Enterprise offer when the company pivoted to grow more sustainably. She recalls we don't decide how the product is being used - users do, and they are as various as museums, students, or companies.

The constantly evolving product makes her job of expanding in Europe unique. Among her projects, she is proud of helping the fashion industry digitize parts of its supply chain, making designers’ jobs more efficient, and reducing waste of physical samples.

She now works from Paris where she helped the Business team grow, and regularly visits New York to collaborate with the US Sales team.

Tiago, Frontend Development

Tiago, Frontend Development

Tiago genuinely cares about others. At home and at work, he always tries to create a pleasant and inclusive environment.

He previously worked in an agency where teams and projects changed often. Tired of this rhythm, he moved to Sketchfab in 2017, where he found awesome colleagues and a great product that he loves.

As a Frontend Developer he worked, among other features, on the launch of our 3D models marketplace, the 3D model inspector, the 3D viewer, and the 3D editor. Above all, he is most proud of helping the team progress, by investing time in code reviews and discussions around best practices.

Thomas, Community & Cultural Heritage

Thomas, Community & Cultural Heritage

Early in his career, Thomas combined creativity and entrepreneurship working on 3D related projects with museums, while already being an active Sketchfab community member.

He joined in New York to train and onboard new institutions to Sketchfab’s Cultural Heritage Program, but quickly saw his scope expanding to community and communications roles.

He is proud of improving the platform’s community standards, and to have accompanied the release of 1,700 3D models into the public domain from 27 cultural organisations in 13 countries.

Easy going, Thomas embodies Sketchfab's creativity, passion, and caring values. He is willing to balance all the dimensions of his life, and now works remotely from his hometown in the U.K.

Loic, 3D Development

Loic, 3D Development

Graduated in mechanical engineering and marine geology, Loïc started working in the mathematics lab of a French university during the day, while slowly becoming a 3D hobbyist and a Sketchfab power user at night.

He joined the company as 3D Backend Developer in 2019, and is really proud of maintaining and improving the processing pipeline of a product and community he truly cares about.

Just like he would choose a discussion with a friend over a night at the disco, he enjoys the most an intensive surf session or a relaxing mountain hike


Sketchfab’s mission is to make 3D accessible.

With easier 3D creation and capture technologies and the digitization of many workflows, 3D content is booming. Increasing numbers of artists, brands, and organizations are seeking easy ways to publish, share, embed, host, display, and manage 3D assets while the growth of VR and AR drives the need for and production of 3D content.

Sketchfab is ideally positioned to address both of these trends, allowing creators and content owners to publish and manage 3D assets, and for people to view, find, and use those assets. It combines the key ingredients of a winner-takes-all content platform: the best 3D player, the most partner integrations, the largest network of creators, and the largest library of content.

Sketchfab's business model is based on three pillars:

  • Monetizing the use of their platform, through a freemium model — see more here
  • Monetizing their 3D technology for use by Enterprise clients — see more here
  • Monetizing the 3D content published on the platform, via a 3D asset marketplace — see more here

What they are looking for

They are looking for junior and experienced people.

Sketchfab has offices in Paris and New York. Several team members work fully remotely from anywhere.

They are an international and growing team of 40+ people who value:

  • Creativity — They share an exploratory, curious, art-loving and geeky mindset.
  • Passion — They are passionate about what they do, and bring their skills, perseverance, dynamism, autonomy and ambition to the team.
  • Caring — They care about people and the way things are done. They play collaboratively, and pay attention to being welcoming, kind, friendly, open, humble and mindful.
  • Authenticity — They have fun, and are comfortable with being their true selves and sometimes weird.

Sketchfab is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. They strongly encourage people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply.

Learn more about our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Good to know

Many people at Sketchfab stay 3, 5, even 7 years in the team.

To make sure you feel good with your package, your missions and your colleagues, they offer benefits & perks — see more here.

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