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Talent Acquisition Manager

  • CDI 
  • Paris

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We believe that businesses will collaborate more and more in the years to come and we want to be the place where companies can securely connect and exchange business data. Launched in 2019, Sharework is a SaaS platform (sharework.co) enabling partner companies to share CRM data to build efficient business partnerships.

Our co-founders already had a first successful start-up adventure together (Multiposting, sold to SAP in 2015), and want to go even further with Sharework! We’re backed by top-tier VCs (Localglobe, Ventech, Kima, Kernel) and just raised a 4m$ Seed round.

Job description

2020 is the year of acceleration for Sharework, and we are looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager with a strong creative and growth mindset to help us reach our ambitious targets.

As our Talent Acquisition Manager, you will work closely with the heads of every department (CTO for dev recruitments, CEO for BizDevs, …) and be responsible for:


  • Ensure a top-notch candidate experience throughout the hiring cycle
  • Adjust our onboarding process and make our new recruits feel at home during their onboarding.


  • Take full ownership of the recruitment process: sourcing, candidates’ assessment, content production on ATS platforms and socials, …
  • Involve managers in the hiring process
  • Build and fine-tune rock-solid pipelines of talents
  • Write the best job descriptions


  • Track and report talent acquisition metrics to identify best practices and dead-ends in your pipelines

Recruitment branding:

  • Spread our culture and values: we are very selective and, in the meantime, provide a welcoming environment for the whole team to thrive and perform. Every one (not only candidates) must be aware of that.
  • Produce content related to recruitment at Sharework. Creativity is of the essence here.

What we have to offer:

  • A rare (once-in-a-lifetime?) opportunity to join an ambitious start-up at an early stage.
  • A deep dive in a project with experienced entrepreneurs, who are looking for excellence.
  • A very competitive compensation and permanent position opportunity.
  • Complete ownership over your KPIs and scope & an opportunity to implement a sourcing strategy.
  • A stimulating work environment, in a nice co-working space located in the 9th district, where you can both enjoy outdoor spaces and meet inspiring people from other start-ups!
  • A remote friendly team.

Preferred experience

🤓 You’re a bit of a tech-savvy: you are comfortable switching from PhantomBuster to Google Spreadsheets to fine-tune your sourcing pipelines

🎨 You have a creative mindset and you are familiar with content production, to some extent. That translates into decent copywriting and basic skills on video and audio editing.

🤝 You have strong interpersonal skills and can make every one comfortable within ten seconds (from the young intern to the 20-years-of-experience applicant).

📚You’re looking for an environment where you will learn and grow, while being very autonomous

⬛ You’re organized and data-driven

🇬🇧 You speak English fluently (we recruit internationally to meet the huge part of our customer base located in the US)

Bonus: You’ve been in charge of Talent Acquisition in a fast-growing company and You know how to code. We don’t need a worldclass developer, obviously. We would kill for someone who knows the basics of programmation and is eager to go further :)

Recruitment process

  • A call with our current sourcer ;
  • A call with a co-founder ;
  • A case study ;
  • A call with our CEO and co-founder.

Hurry up! Send us your resume and we’ll schedule that first call 😉

Meet the Sharework team

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Talent Acquisition Manager

  • CDI 
  • Paris
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