Full Stack Developer [Full Time]

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • > 3 ans

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Full Stack Developer [Full Time]

  • CDI 
  • Paris


We believe that businesses will collaborate more and more in the years to come and we want to be the place where companies can securely connect and exchange business data. Launched in 2019, Sharework is a SaaS platform ( enabling partner companies to share CRM data to build efficient business partnerships.

Our co-founders already had a first successful start-up adventure together (Multiposting, sold to SAP in 2015), and want to go even further with Sharework! We’re backed by top-tier VCs (Localglobe, Ventech, Kima, Kernel) and just raised a 3m€ Seed round.

Job description

Disclaimer : Since Sharework is a SaaS, as a developer, this is the application you will have to work on every day. Of course, the goal is that you contribute to Sharework, but also that you learn from us. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what’s expected of you 👇

  • Developing new features (backend and/or frontend)
  • Defining requirements for new features and evolutions
  • Being familiar with good code practices, especially being in the habit of implementing tests
  • Getting a hold of a crucial project that is close to your heart and that you will be able to carry out over the long term.

Preferred experience

You’re passionate about tech, but, most importantly, you know your way around the whole web stack. Again, we’re looking for someone versatile. However, we would appreciate you having some expertise in one of the following: front-end, APIs, data engineering or databases.

  • 🦚 You’re proud of a tech project you’ve contributed to (personal, academic, or professional, whatever), and you’ll be expected to defend it.
  • 📁 You are organized and able to take responsibility for a subject over time.
  • 💪 You like challenges related to performance and optimization.
  • 💻 You master at least a web framework and a relational database (Postgresql, MySQL).

The magic touch: you have skills in DevOps (docker, kubernetes, CI/CD) or security.

NB : Feel free to share your Github repository with us. We promise to not even glance at this old project you’re secretly ashamed of 🙃

Recruitment process

  • A call with the first recruiter
  • A technical test
  • One last call with our CTO.

Hurry up! Send us your resume and we’ll schedule that first call 😉

Meet the Sharework team

Questions and answers about the offer
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