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Regional AFIT Detection and Investigations Lead for Europe and France - All Genders

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Le contenu du poste est libellé en anglais car il nécessite de nombreuses interactions avec nos filiales à l’international, l'anglais étant la langue de travail.

Job title: Regional AFIT Detection and Investigations Lead for Europe and France

  • Location: Gentilly

About the job

Ready to push the limits of what’s possible? Join Sanofi in one of our corporate functions and you can play a vital part in the performance of our entire business while helping to make an impact on millions around the world. As Regional AFIT Detection and Investigations Lead, to protect Products, patients, and related image and reputation of our Group, the Regional Detection and Investigations Lead for Europe & France in the fight against falsified medicines and illicit trafficking.

We are an innovative global healthcare company with one purpose: to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. We’re also a company where you can flourish and grow your career, with countless opportunities to explore, make connections with people, and stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. Ready to get started?

Main responsibilities:

His/her primary goal at regional level is to combat illicit activities of production, distribution, and online or offline sale of falsified or genuine medicines (illicit trade). This role operates at a regional level and involves close collaboration with law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities across various countries, as well as other key stakeholders (professional associations, NGOs, etc.).

This position reports to the Global products and patients protection Head.

At global level

  • Defining and implementing the annual detection & Investigations action plan align with priorities

  • Supervising of the global investigations related to products (Online and Offline operations)

  • Providing analysis and investigative expertise to support complex and sensitive investigations

  • Leading global investigative task forces and special projects

  • Animating and coordinating the Investigators network

  • Animating monthly AF&IT detection and Investigations reviews with the investigators’ network and propose actions for improving performance in dismantling pharmaceutical criminal organizations

  • Drafting guidelines and policies for conducting Detection & investigations

  • Monitoring the threat environment and initiates appropriate changes in investigation procedures

  • Monitoring detection and investigation budget, expenditures as per allocations and ascertain nature of potential gaps

  • Manage operational relationships with external partners contributing to investigations and data analysis

At regional level

  • Threat Analysis and Targeted Action: Evaluate risks and threats related to the circulation of Falsified medicines and illicit trafficking, identifying high-risk areas and targeted actions accordingly

  • Development and Implementation of Solutions: Identify innovative solutions and operational strategies to detect, analyze, and investigate falsified medicines, within the framework of the global strategy to combat counterfeiting & illicit trafficking

  • Identification and Management of Provider Networks: Identify, select, and manage a network of external investigation providers, ensuring they meet the necessary quality and reliability standards to support the Regional Detection & Investigation Lead in executing their missions

  • Detection and Investigation Supervision: Supervise and control the quality of the services provided by investigation providers, clearly defining missions to be executed and ensuring rigorous follow-up

  • Quality Control: Ensure the quality of services provided by investigation providers

  • Relations with Crime-Fighting Organizations: Establish and maintain strong relationships with crime-fighting organizations, ensuring effective cooperation to combat the trafficking of falsified medicines

  • Authorities Training: Train and raise awareness among private and public stakeholders to enhance their skills in falsified medicine detection and illicit trade

  • Internal and external stakeholders Training: Train and raise awareness among Sanofi internal stakeholders (Sales forces and Collaborators) and external stakeholders (Business parentship) to enhance their skills in falsified medicine detection and illicit trade

About you


  • Relevant experience in Investigations, Intelligence in Private or Public sector

  • Experience of pharmaceutical industry is a plus

Soft skills

  • Personal qualities: Integrity, autonomy, rigor, discipline in mission execution. Ability to work proactively and independently within the mission's spirit

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills

Technical skills

  • Degree or Diploma in Law Enforcement, Security Management for former public agent

  • University Degree or Diploma on pharma crime

  • Demonstrated ability to analyse threats, target actions, and implement solutions within a global strategy

  • Knowledge of specific regulations for combating falsification, counterfeiting and Illicit trade

  • Legal knowledge: Process legal knowledge in criminal and criminal procedure laws to ensure that all activities comply with applicable laws and regulations


  • University Degree or Diploma on pharma crime is a plus


  • Proficiency in French, English other relevant languages for the regions concerned (Spanish)

Why choose us?

Part of Products and Patients Protection Center of Expertise (COE), this position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to public health protection by combating the growing threat of falsified medicines and illicit trafficking regionally, using a operational and proactive approach to ensure significant results.

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