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ReachFive, is a scale-up, leader in offering a cloud Customer Identity and secured Account Management Platform to retailers et GDP. A Scale-up which plan to become the European leader! And everything is in our favor: a high-potential market, a strategic positioning, market and regulatory constraints (cookies, GDPR, omnicanality, customer knowledge, …) a quality product, renowned customer references, investors who support us, …

In a context where the competitiveness of a company rests on a perfect knowledge of its customer, to eliminate all points of friction, to make full use of customer data to meet consumer requirements in terms of protection, security, etc. all points of contact, it is urgent for companies to equip themselves and rely on experts.

We have a double challenge, to accelerate our penetration on the French market and to be the European leader within 3 years with extensive country coverage.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

With strong growth and accelerated investments in product and technology, ReachFive's adventure is underway and we are looking for the future talents who will accompany us to international success.

Beyond degrees and experience, ReachFive is looking for passionate people who see ownership as an opportunity to make a strong impact in their field and beyond.

Bon à savoir

The start-up spirit is not just an illusion at ReachFive, where the agile culture is at the heart of the company: forget about specifications, time-to-market comes first!

Finally, ReachFive teams regularly meet outside of work for team building events: skiing, paragliding (for real), karaoke and parties on the terrace of WeWork.

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