Past and future

Their story

Their story

Rapsodie started in 2020 when we were trying to find how to discover the next hit in rap music. After a first attempt with a B2B angle we decided to focus on a B2C angle because it fitted our values and ambitions better.  We launched a private alpha version in the summer of 2021 with our first circles of friends and it was quite a hit ! We then launched a public beta in December 2021 on Twitter. Our tweet generated more than 3k signups in 48h !! We then decided to create a waitlist that has close to 10k people to date. 

Now we're growing the team to get to our next milestone: 1M users !

beta launch

3000 signups in 48h


artists partners

Their vision

Rapsodie's vision is to empower artists all over the world. Our next challenges include

  • creating a product that people love and use
  • expand internationally
  • support artists in our whole ecosystem

This is why we're looking to expand our team in both the product and growth departments.

Their vision

Company values

We're a team of passionate, dedicated and hard working people. We thrive to make an impact and while creating a safe environment to work in. Rapsodie is still early and requires us to be 150% involved in our work. We don't fear challenges, failure is part of our culture. We value people who stand their ground and are not afraid of failure!


Ship fast enough to deliver value


Do things that matter (for real, no BS)


Care for each other, even when you disagree


110% nothing less


Love what you do not how