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What we believe in & how we work

For entrepreneurs rolling up their sleeves to change things and make humanity a little better, one step at a time. For hurdlers fighting against a system full of bureaucracy and unnecessary obstacles. For all of us, wasting energy and time dealing with banks and finance, instead of living our passions and creating value for customers. Because finance is a tool, not the end goal.

We are taking a stand: we are removing this frustration by 'creating the finance solution all businesses love'. And we won't stop until it's done.

To get there, we are taking a stance against what’s broken in the system. This means defending teamwork over silos, initiative over obedience, thinking over routine, customers over processes. This means our entire company model revolves around one invaluable element: people development.

At Qonto, we believe that if we understand what we do, why we do it, if we see problem-solving as learning opportunities, each of us grows and becomes outstanding at every step. Only then, we will accomplish our mission.

Our company strategy is all about trying to create the conditions for all of us to think and learn. We call it the Qonto Way.

Ambition 🚀

We tackle big challenges no matter what.

Teamwork 🏆

We create magic by collaborating at the same speed.

Mastery 🌟

We pursue excellence through continuous learning and face challenges humbly everyday.

Integrity 🤝

We are transparent and trustworthy with our clients and each other.

Meet our Qontoers

Explore our teams and their day to day jobs. What motivated them to join the adventure and how Qonto help them to grow and perform everyday. Qonto Insiders is a series of interviews with monthly episodes highlighting a Qontoer.

People focus

People are at the heart of our strategy for innovation and where we invest the most to create the best possible accompaniment of each Qontoer. Read these articles to better understand our way of operating and how we work to attract the most talented new team members.

Perks & Office


Our latest news

If you want to know more about our news, successes and milestones, read articles below.

Deep dive into Qonto’s life

All Hands, Offsite, Workout & Detox sessions, Team Building or Lunch & Learn... Dive into Qonto’s universe from the Inside thanks to our Instagram profile, fully dedicated to our Qontoers.

Events are key for cohesion, to make teammates meet each other as we grow super fast and we need to maintain our strong culture everyday.

Meet our Qontoers, feel our mood, welcome new joiners and apply to join us in this amazing Adventure.

Want to be part of this adventure?

Get to know better about how we hire and what the interview experience will look like : what are the wanted skills, what is our hiring process, some interview tips and meet our amazing recruitment team.

Find out more about Qonto's products & business

We dedicate our Medium blog to feature stories and articles concerning our products, tech systems or the Qonto Way. Read our articles to better understand how Qonto is moving that fast. LinkedIn is a place where you will find news and updates about our features and milestones but also products and partnerships.

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