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Twenty-five years of experience in talent acquisition. Eva believes that the biggest joy is to bring a talent to the company, who helps the company to develop further and be the leader.

Eduard is an experienced R&D leader with a well-balanced combination of leadership and technical skills. During his career, Eduard worked in a broad range of companies, from smaller startups as CTO to large enterprises in a VP Engineering role. In a current role, Eduard leads a talented group of Engineers and Managers working on Pure Storage Cloud and Subscription products.

Bogusia is an accidental engineer passionate about data storage platforms and making everything fun. During her career, Bogusia always worked in roles that put customer first - from technical support engineer to customer centric product quality testing. In a current role, Bogusia get's to break Pure Storage FlashBlade product, so customers don't have to.

Tom has worked in the Storage Industry since the early 2000’s, he has worked with both large Enterprises and Start ups specializing in Storage Arrays. In his current role Tom leads a talented group of Engineers working on the Pure FlashBlade product, specializing in Testing the Flashblade product, before that Tom worked in Pure in California as a System Test engineer specializing in Platform Testing. Tom initially Joined Pure in Dublin Ireland as an Escalation Specialist helping Customers and Sales Engineers with Deployments of FlashBlades and working on complex network deployments and performance related problems which needed solving.

About company

Some people say they’re one of the most innovative companies to come out of Silicon Valley and we couldn’t agree more! They’re a billion dollar enterprise level organization which rolls out the red carpet for the modern data experience through unique data storage and management platform, which is is able to satisfy all of a customer’s data storage needs across the entire price and performance range, and they’ve got to this level faster than nearly every enterprise company in tech firm history.

They’ve grown to around 5000 employees (500+ in Prague's R&D office as of June 2023, doubled the size from last year) globally across 38 countries and they’re not close to finishing. They've been a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in primary storage AND solid state arrays for 9+ years. You may have heard of NPS (Net Promoter Score) as a common instrument used for measuring customer loyalty by Fortune 500 firms. Theirs is in the top 1% of all B2B companies.

The R&D center in Prague is their largest one in Europe and second largest globally, only behind their HQ in California. Their teams here are leading the way in product development and are working on projects exclusively owned by the Prague office which already has and definitely will have a global impact on the progression and perception of Pure Storage. They’re setting up new business units and teams on a consistent basis, which means amazing opportunities to take your career in exactly the direction you want.

We are looking for...

Pure Storage’s foundations are built on the amazing talent that join them in order to create innovative products which their customers love. Their community of engineers are trustworthy and supportive and will commit to the growth of your career as much as you do. Their culture is based on collaboration, small teams working together to solve complex issues and they hire people based on their ability and desire; not the tech stack they used in their previous jobs.

Good to know

They have a dynamic work environment that benefits from adaptable engineers who love learning new technologies and they will support you every step of the way. The togetherness of the team is reinforced by their communal spirit and they have many office activities to aid this including Pool, table tennis, and Arcade room equipped with a PS5, air hockey, and table football. Their teams flick between Java, C++, Python and Go, but programming languages are just tools and they understand good engineers know when to use the right tool for the right application. At Pure Storage, they have the surprising benefit of making sure you’re never the smartest person in the room. So join them if you want to ask big questions, think differently, learn and make an IMPACT.

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