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Product Designer

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Rejoignez la communauté de Designers et Consultants dédiée au futur de l’économie avec impact positif !


Nous accompagnons les organisations privées et publiques à amplifier leur impact positif sur l’humain, l’environnement et la Société.


  • EXPERIENCE : design eco-inclusif de services, produits, experience (client, collaborateur, citoyen)
  • INNOVATION : Imaginer les futurs souhaitables, et les faire exister, via le design systémique
  • TRANSFORMATION : guider les transformations vers l’impact, et accompagner le changement
  • EMPOWERMENT : veille prospective, méthodologies, DesignOps, formation…


Accompagner les projets complexes requiert des experts pointus… Et des talents épanouis, qu’ils soient salariés ou faisant partie de notre communauté de talents, consultants, designers et experts pluridisciplinaires au service de l’impact positif.

Chaque projet au playgrnd est un nouveau terrain de jeu, empli de challenges complexes à résoudre. Nous sommes entraînés à jouer collectif, dans un environnement bienveillant et transparent, propice à l’émergence des meilleures solutions.

Faire en sorte que nos clients se passent de nous : c’est contre-intuitif mais vertueux pour accélérer le changement. Nous sommes des facilitateurs et n’hésitons jamais à transmettre, tant nos méthodologies que l’inspiration que nous collectons en continu, pour devenir meilleurs chaque jour, ensemble. Oh ! Nous sommes également organisme de formation.


Decathlon, OCDE, Saint-Gobain, Cofidis, Ligue Nationale contre le cancer, Sodexo, Volkswagen Financial Services, Nike, CCFD Terre Solidaire, Iperia l’institut…


Le playgrnd s’oblige à réinventer chaque jour de travail, pour offrir un terrain de jeu propice à l’épanouissement personnel et collectif, l’apprentissage, l’accès à la culture, le bien-être de chacun et la meilleure expérience pour nos players, partenaires et clients.

Envie d’en savoir plus sur playgrnd ?Culture d'entreprise, équipes, offres d'emplois... C’est parti pour l’immersion !
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Did you start a club dedicated to paper recycling hen you were at elementary school? Do you alwys try to imagine how RATP could improve the journey for people with reduced mobility? Do you often fume over your bank mobile app? Did you draw the plans of your dreamt flat when you were 12 yo? When you read about a new digital product, do you launch at the same time your tablet, your smartphone and your computer in order to try it out (and find better ways to optimize it)? Do you dream of building a probe (from recycling materials) able to trace your carbon footprint automatcially? Were you involved in your school cafeteria or in a bar (and you were the one dedicated to decoration and trying to find a solution in order to optimize the waiting time for people grabbing a beer or a coffee)? Do you organize special dinners with your friends in order to run shadow “customer reserach”? Do you give feedbacks to Slack Support Team in order to optimize their product? Do you always plan your vacations for months, using Datavizualisation, in order to choose the right destination? Do you spend hours talking with your friend about amazing experience you had with this compant, and the crappy experience you had with this other company? Did you try to convince Siri to do bad, bad things? Have you ever dreamt about being a rock star?

If you answered “yes” to one of these propositions, you might be the right person we are seeking in the playgrnd, as a Product Designer


As a Product Designer within the dream-team, you will be contribute to positive impact and your clients happiness in:

  • bringing genuine design skills to make to create Positive Impact.
  • helping designing the most suitable & sustainable experiences and interfaces,
  • thinking far, and furious,
  • being creative at every steps of your projects,
  • being both inspired and inspiring,
  • gathering the best of your dream-team (consultants, designers, project managers, strategists…)
  • delivering on-time, in the best quality ever,
  • thinking constantly of client’s final customers & users, as well as environment & society.


You will be dedicated to work with a team of designers in order to “design the thing right”.
With the help of the team, inspired by Lead UX Designers and Senior Product Designers, you will support your clients in the design of their digital products & services, towards an eco-inclusive & human centric approach, in order to generate value and positive impact.

Overall, you’ll play with the design methodologies:

  • Frame and solve problems weaving together experiences that take the user needs, business goals and technology into account
  • Leverage what we learn from our user researches and turn those insights into best-in-class user experiences
  • Craft the UX journey creating flows, wireframes, and mockups of intuitive user experiences
  • Translate mockups/UI prototypes into reusable components within design system tools (Figma, sketch…) to articulate conception to development
  • Put your creative mind at work to contribute to innovative prototypes and products
  • Distill ideas, clearly communicate and articulate the “why” of design decisions in order to influence your stakeholders and build consensus

Daily, you will be involved in:

  • Research: user research, conduct interviews, get the most of analytics, UX audits, benchmark field exploration, personae / motivationnal profiles, empathy map, affinity mapping, user journey maps…
  • Strategy: elaborate product strategy, define value proposition, product vision, features prioritization, KPIs, OKRs, metrics, …
  • Conception: eco-conception, information architecture, user flows, UX concept, cards sorting (IA)…
  • Interaction Design: user experience, blockframes, wireframes, interactions
  • Low Fi Prototyping: interactive prototype, use of dedicated tools (figma, etc)
  • Tests: write tests protocols, conduct users testings, AB testing, surveys, data analysis…
  • Design Methodolgy: contribute to setup adapted product design methodology regarding goals & constraints
  • Workshops facilitation: participate and lead collective intelligence workshops (dedicated to product design, design sprint…)
  • Project Management: contribute in defining workstreams and teams tasks, sprint framework, design sprint, tickets, daily interactions with the stakeholders, follow-up

You may hear and say everyday the following words: eco-design, human first, human centered design, innovation, service design, blue prints, lean UX, empathy, agile, data, and of course, experience ans positive impact.



This offer is related to a full time position, both based in Paris (WeWork) & remote.
Since we work with international clients, and our team is multicultural, english is mandatory.

Profil recherché

For this position, we require an experience of 3-5 years as a Product Designer, UX/UI designer or similar role

To become part of the dream-team in the playgrnd:

  • Experience in creation of UX & UI prototype and UI across devices (web, mobile, tablet…)
  • Experience planning and conducting co-creation workshops with clients
  • Deep understanding of UX principles, methodologies and best practices including user-centered approaches
  • Extensive knowledge and experience designing in Figma, Sketch, InVision or Adobe Suite
  • An understanding or previous experience designing/working with Design Systems
  • Experience in graphic design tools, in creating original graphic designs, and in designing style standards on fonts, colors and images
  • An understanding of how design impacts development and a knack for constructing delightful designs that are technically feasible
  • Experience working collaboratively with product managers, engineers, and user researchers

You are also

  • eager to make the most of your skills and energy to positive impact,

  • open-minded, curious, empathic, passionate, proactive, detailed focus, result oriented, always willing to learn new things,

  • you have awesome soft skills,

  • you have a strong interest in product design, UX/UI design and service design…

  • you read a lot and learn on how you can design in a more responsible way,

  • you speak a very very good english (mandatory, since we deal with international clients) et aussi un très bon français (à l’écrit comme à l’oral),

  • you may be BAC+4 / BAC+5 or autodidact, since you love what you do.

The playgrnd will welcome people with deep energy and willingness, ready to be part of an adventure.

Déroulement des entretiens


  1. Send your wishes through “Welcome to the Jungle” Platform
  2. Have a like on our Instagram profile -
  3. We’ll review your application and get back to you very soon, hopefully:
  • If your profile matches the offer requirements, we’ll contact you for a first remote interview (15min)
  • A second interview (1h) will be done with the short-list
  • A case study will be done with the finalists

Thanks and have a great day!


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