Philips Health Technology Innovation Paris

Philips Health Technology Innovation Paris

Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, Objets connectés

Paris, Boston



All software teams work with a healthcare quality process. We integrate some parts of the Agile, like Daily, Sprints with their activities, but it is mandatory to have a strict process. This process is the base of the Healthcare requirements.

All parts of the development must be reviewed and approved to ensure product quality and tracability.

We used some special tools like Mend, Sonar, Fortify, etc. to assume the quality gates needed during the development phasis.


Medisys is organized in three teams covering Data Science and AI, Image-Guided therapy and Ultrasound. The profiles are 100% engineers, most often combined with a phD in medical imaging, with multiple competences ranging from idea to product.

  • Daily : Scrum team work
  • Weekly : Internal meetings with other Philips counterparts in Innovation and Businesses
  • Monthly: Internal meeting of the three teams


The team is organized around 6 autonomous product-oriented teams, each owning a part of our product portfolio and 2 platform teams, with a split between data science (working on algorithms and models) and engineering (working on the platform). All teams work around a quarterly planning routine but otherwise can adopt various agile methodologies (mostly kanban or scrum) to best fit their needs. Feature teams are lead by a product manager - tech lead duo, and designers and analysts are transversal teams, working across all products to make sure that we don’t build silos, and that we provide our customers with a coherent experience across our portfolio.

We use best practices for software delivery: pair programming, code reviews, CI/CD, etc, but we also thrive to combine an agile, iterative mindset with the strict quality requirements that comes with building medical software that directly affect the health of millions of patients.


    • Ruby On Rails
      Ruby On Rails
    • Python
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis


    • React JS
      React JS
    • D3.js
    • Angular
    • RxJS


    • Docker
    • Kubernetes




We produce 2 releases per year with new features, product defects, security patches, hardware improvements.

We produce Hotfix (security, product defects, etc.…) to regularly update the install base and satisfied all actual customers with the best up to date product.


Medisys team has contributed to many Philips products:

  • TrueVue
  • ClarityIQ
  • Dynamic Cardiac Roadmap
  • EchoNavigator
  • Echographie pour la radiologie interventionnelle
  • ISP 12

The team is also contributing key building blocks for integration in product software. Clinical studies also produce evidence to support the benefits of our proposed innovations.



We have a lot of interesting challenges ahead of us, which we can categorize in two.

First, we’re scaling the now mature Holter platform to new customer segments, new geographies and new capabilities. That means being able to absorb more volumes, with better algorithms and AI models covering more conditions, but also adapting to different constraints: streamlined flows connected with hospital systems and stricter privacy constraints. Cardiologs is unique, as all data from our products (more than 10 Petabyte of data), is at the disposal of our data scientists to develop new and better models.

We’re also building out new products: a platform for 12-lead ECGs, another for monitoring patients from their smartwatches, and a range of digital biomarkers - moving from detecting conditions to predicting them. All of those products come with specific technical and product challenges, from new algorithms to completely revamping our backend and release processes to support multiple concurrent products, and collaborating with new businesses to make those products a reality for patients.


Our Paris office, Philips Health Technology Innovation Paris (“HIP”), is dedicated to software, AI, data management and interoperability. It brings together connected care solutions teams specializing in cardiology analytics, diagnostic and interventional imaging, and patient monitoring. These teams take projects from research and development right up to commercialization, working at the forefront of healthcare innovation with clinical sites both in France and throughout the world.

With us, you get to put your technical knowledge of programming languages, cloud computing, AI, and machine learning to work in a fast-evolving environment where you can play a critical role in the future of healthcare. You’ll have access to top-notch R&D facilities, applications expertise, the latest tech stacks, and modern technologies.

Philips Health Technology Innovation site (“HIP”) brings together Philips connected care solutions teams from the French acquisitions Capsule and Cardiologs plus Philips research team Medisys.

Are you the right fit?

No matter your experience level, if you're passionate about improving lives through innovative healthcare, you just might be a fit with Philips. And we recruit in a vast range of roles.

However, we have identified some key strategic priority areas that are critical to our immediate future as a HealthTech leader: software and technology, solution sales, quality and regulatory, customer project managers, and service engineers.

Life At Philips

While hybrid working is a good practice at Philips, our teams located at HIP have access to a beautiful brand-new office in central Paris with various building amenities such as a full-size state-of-the-art gym, building Concierge services, Barista, and bicycle garage, and access to our amazing rooftop.

When you join Philips, you'll find a variety of benefits and programs that aim to keep you happy, healthy, strong, and engaged – both inside and outside of work. Because we know there’s no limit to the possibilities when people feel empowered to grow and succeed together

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