Thibaut graduated from Sciences Po Paris and started his career as an investment banker at BNP Paribas.

He has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2014. In 2015, he further discovered crypto’s potential while campaigning for a major French political candidate running for office, when he investigated blockchain applications for online and decentralised voting.

He later joined Stratumn, a blockchain enterprise software company backed by the Nasdaq where he became first sales and learnt the hard way how to sell this technology to financial institutions!

Grégoire graduated in Information Technologies from the University of Technologies of Troyes in 2011 and started his career in Paris as an Enterprise Solutions consultant.

In 2015, Grégoire moved to London and helped grow a FinTech startup. During this time, he also became passionate about Blockchain and joined ConsenSys in 2017 to lead, an Ethereum-based decentralised platform with the goal of offering an opened access to web3 content. In 2020, he joined Multis as Lead Engineer, then CTO bringing his FinTech and Blockchain experience to the team. He is an expert in designing and building distributed systems with a large range of technologies. He also strives to frequently share his experiences writing technical articles and guides about decentralisation, self-hosting and privacy.

Manon graduated in Labor Law in 2017 from the University of Lyon and started her career in recruitment, after having considered becoming a policewoman or a terrorism expert. After 4.5 years working as a Tech Recruiter at (both on freelance and perm market), she decided it was time to join a smaller company and finally start diving into blockchain. This space was new to her, but she was deeply convinced that it would shape the world of tomorrow.


Multis started with a very simple idea: crypto is inevitable, and will help people build fairer business relationships.

But today, doing business with crypto is just too complicated! It's insanely hard to use it to spend on both physical and digital goods and services. Professional financial tools are non-existent, which creates considerable time and money overheads.

This is the aim and purpose of all the work we are doing here at Multis: be the financial backbone of the web3 economy.

That’s why we are building corporate cards and financial software for web3.

We help companies manage their cryptos on a daily basis with cashflow monitoring and reporting tools, automate payments in crypto and US and close their books 5x faster.

We're a team of happy and passionate crypto-dreamers, with backing from world-class US and European investors like Sequoia, Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures and eFounders. We raised a $7 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital (first investor in Google, PayPal, Youtube, Stripe etc).

What they are looking for

We are a bunch of very different characters, brought together by three principles that we hold dear:

  • 💪🏼We’re gonna make it: web3 is tough, but we never give up and only see opportunities! ;
  • 🛡We’re guardians: we deeply care, both for our team and our customers ;
  • 🛰 We’re defiant: we’re bold and contrarian, always striving for challenges.

This is what it takes to break the rules and reinvent an industry from ground up!

You recognized yourself? Well, I guess we were made to meet 😊

Good to know

The Multeam is a happy and passionate squad whose ambition is to shake things up, in finance, and in general.

But it's not all crypto all the time, we're equally as passionate about tacos, vintage dances, ukele music, mochis, cyberpunk, hot pots, tarot cards, dog memes, Rome, and funky shirts.

We see ourselves as free spirits constantly experimenting and challenging the status quo. Don't be surprised: we're vocal against the legacy world, from banking to titles. We also value humility and candid communication, because we strive to learn. That's Multis.

Our team is remote-friendly and throw "cryptoffs" (offsites) in France every 3 months to gather the team around goals and have fun together — Biscarosse, Deauville, Cassis, Hossegor, we plan on exploring all the great cities in France!

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