Thibaut graduated from Sciences Po and started his career in Investment Banking. He has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2014. In 2015, he further discovered crypto’s potential while campaigning for a French political candidate running for office, when he investigated blockchain applications for online and decentralised voting. 

He later joined Stratumn, a blockchain enterprise software company backed by the Nasdaq where he became first sales and learnt the hard way how to sell this technology to financial he decided to build his own!

Theophile graduated from Ecole des Mines and led engineering teams in series C companies such as Dailymotion and Lifeworks. He's a serial entrepreneur: over the past years, he's built marketplaces and crypto applications such as Booctin and CryptoTwittos.

He has experienced first-hand the challenge of designing, deploying, and interacting with smart contracts, a core piece of technology used for crypto applications.

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Multis provides financial services for companies holding euros, dollars, and cryptocurrencies. They are building the best crypto wallet designed for businesses who need to scale, move fast, make the most of their crypto and fiat currencies. They're helping these companies embrace cryptocurrencies and shape a global and borderless economy.

They're a founding team of happy and passionate crypto-dreamers: Thibaut (CEO) and Théo (CTO), with backing from world-class US and European investors like Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures and eFounders. The company is incorporated in San Francisco but They're working from Paris and Europe for now.

What they are looking for

The founding team has a strong and complementary expertise in building both B2B SaaS and blockchain products.

They're here to break the rules and aren't hung up on titles and degrees. What they're looking for instead is to build a team of highly-skilled, pragmatic but contrarian people: this is what it takes to be reinvent an industry from ground up!

Good to know

The Multeam is a happy and passionate bunch whose ambition is to shake things up, in finance, and in general.

But it's not all crypto all the time, they're equally as passionate about tacos, asmr, ukele music, celery, cyberpunk, hot pots, tarot cards, dog memes, Rome, and funky shirts.

They see themselves as free spirits constantly experimenting and challenging the status quo. Don't be surprised: they're vocal against the legacy world, from banking to titles. They also value humility and candid communication, because they strive to learn. That's Multis.

The team is remote-friendly and throw "cryptoffs" (offsites) in Europe every 3 months to gather the team around goals and have fun together — so far they've been to the Alps, the Canary Islands, and Berlin!

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