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At Mindflow, we’re revolutionizing the automation game with our no-code SaaS platform 👩‍💻🇫🇷.

We enable ALL professionals in operation teams (SecOps, ITOps, CloudOps…) to automate their repetitive tasks.

We’ve already made a name for ourselves, winning multiple awards 🏅.

Including the Jury’s Awards at FIC 2022, Finalist at Les Assises de la cybersécurité 2022, and Rothschild Startup of the year 2022.

Plus, we have a team of trusted investors and advisors who are leading the global cyber and IT industry, helping us accelerate our startup.

We’re proud to work with large enterprises and scale-ups 🚀, democratizing automation for their operational teams with powerful and versatile workflows that require no plugins, apps, or custom code.

Join us, and let’s change the automation game together!


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