What they mean

Our values are values for MeiliSearch - they represent abstract concepts that, in our opinions, only make sense if they are put in context. These values might mean completely different things in other companies, and we have tried our best to describe how they work at MeiliSearch.

How they are used

We are defining these values not because we think they would look pretty written in x-large font on our office walls (plus we are practically fully remote), but because we want to put them to good use:

  • They are used in our recruitment processes, in the questions we ask candidates, and the way we assess applications - we look for values fit rather than a culture fit.

  • They are integrated in our Career Framework and are a basis for evolution

  • We are intent on these values supporting company decisions. In that sense, everyone can remind anyone of MeiliSearch values.

How we'd like them to evolve over time

Whenever we feel it is necessary. We approximately 20 team members today and hope to be a lot more very soon; obviously, this will impact our values and culture. Team members' opinions will be taken into account regarding any potential redefinition, as they have been initially.


We are passionate about what we do

At MeiliSearch, you'll find that generally, we all do what we do because it's what we love doing. Obviously, this doesn't mean we are all crazy about every aspect of our jobs, and there are definitely tasks we could do without. Nonetheless, we are aware that our affinities with our work have a strong influence on our commitment to our tasks and to the company, and we, therefore, try to keep a healthy balance between work and passion.

We care about the project

More generally, we are all very committed to making MeiliSearch a successful project, which goes beyond our individual job scopes. When possible, we will gladly go further than our day-to-day tasks, regarding any subject, if it means it'll support the general evolution of the company.

We disagree and commit

Being committed, in our case, also means being opinionated and therefore disagreeing. Often. About a lot of things. However, we feel we have learned to do this in a constructive way that helps us move forward. We are strong believers in the "disagree and commit" philosophy.

Quality & simplicity

We prefer quality over rapidity

Building an open-source project means respecting certain standards and paying close attention to the work we produce and show. This forces us to take the time to search for further knowledge, to check our work, and have it checked by others. We would rather be rigorous than rapid.

We are pragmatic

Meili's interest is to offer a high-quality solution built on a healthy structure and not reinvent the wheel. This is something you will be able to find in all our jobs: we believe that aiming for perfection is counterproductive. We stand by the adage "done well today is better than perfect next week".

Consequently, this means we have dealt with and will continue dealing with failure. For us, failing is ok if it means failing forward.


We want to give back to open-source what it gave to us

The reason we have chosen open-source for our project is to share a high-quality search solution, accessible to all, no matter their financial means. Sharing is the basis of what we do.

Being open-source also means collaborating constantly with our community. We take pride in building a great solution thanks to their feedback, and pay very close attention to the information we give and the support we bring.

We find solutions together

One thing we know for sure is that no one knows everything. Not a day goes by without team members consulting other team members on diverse topics in order to have a larger perspective and therefore strengthen the decisions they make. We are constantly learning from others and are not afraid to say, "I don't know".

We value diverse views and backgrounds

We are very much aware that Meili was built thanks to each team member's personality, skills, and experience. We value different opinions, no matter our scope. Speaking up and creating your own approach is encouraged with the aim of giving space for individual initiative.

We are interested in welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and opinions as we believe it is the only way to build a long-lasting company. In this sense, we are committed to avoid being stubborn and believe it is important to be able to change views.


La mission de MeiliSearch est de fournir à ses partenaires une solution de recherche simple et sans configuration nécessaire, grâce à un moteur de recherche puissant, rapide et ultra-pertinent. Ce moteur, codé en Rust, permet de profiter d'une expérience de recherche optimale et est accessible à tout développeur de site internet ou d'application grâce à l'open source.

MeiliSearch est entièrement open source et a vocation à continuer de se développer grâce à sa communauté de contributeurs passionnés dont les feedbacks sont précieux et avec lesquels des liens forts se sont noués. Le projet propose une grande variété d'intégrations et de SDKs pour permettre à tout développeur d'intégrer le moteur de recherche dans leur application très rapidement.

L'entreprise a levé 1,5 millions € en Mai 2020, et est soutenue par 3 des meilleurs fonds d'investissement européens, LocalGlobe, Seedcamp & Kima Ventures. Elle est aujourd'hui partenaire d'entreprises leaders dans leurs domaines telles que Louis Vuitton et

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Quel que soit le type de poste, MeiliSearch recherche avant tout des personnes qui correspondront à sa culture : des personnes curieuses, débrouillardes, capables de porter plusieurs casquettes si besoin, et passionnées par leur métier. La bienveillance, le goût de l'apprentissage et le sens de l'ownership sont aussi des qualités essentielles. Et ce peu importe le parcours professionnel ou le background académique.

Bon à savoir

  • La notoriété du projet est en forte croissance
  • Nous avons des bureaux à Paris mais sommes très ouverts au télétravail
  • Certains des membres des équipes travaillent à l'international - nous essayons de nous réunir au moins 2 fois par an
  • Horaires flexibles - possibilité de travailler 4 jours / semaine
  • Nous offrons un congé parental de 3 mois entièrement rémunéré

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