Sales Enablement Manager, M/F


Sales Enablement Manager, M/F

  • CDI 
  • Paris, 75003
  • Télétravail total possible
  • Éducation : Non spécifié
  • Expérience : Non spécifié




  • Architecture, Bâtiment / Travaux publics, Immobilier particulier
  • Entre 250 et 2000 salariés

Le poste

Sales Enablement Manager, M/F

  • CDI 
  • Paris, 75003

  • Télétravail total possible
  • Éducation : Non spécifié
  • Expérience : Non spécifié

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Who are they?

Masteos simplifie la vie des investisseurs qui souhaitent gérer leur patrimoine depuis leur smartphone en réinventant l’expérience du clés en main.

Masteos trouve le bien, le rénove, le meuble et le met en location pour le compte de particuliers. Chaque investisseur peut suivre l’ensemble de son projet depuis une seule et unique application.

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Job description

🏛 Masteos is reinventing the rental investment experience, by offering a completely dematerialized journey and high-level support to individuals who want to buy a property to rent.

🔑 Masteos offers a turnkey service, structured around four main areas, all of which are internalized:

Property acquisition ;

Construction work ;

Furnishing ;

Rental management via Masteos little sister, Amastas.

👉All managed in a single app!

🚀 Our ambition? Allow European people (we’re available in France, Belgium and Spain 🇫🇷🇧🇪🇪🇸, other countries are coming soon!) to complete their real estate investments from their phone, without the hassle of property visits or even building site and tenant management.

In short : a one-stop rental shop, which allows everyone to build up its property assets through a fully digitalized journey and a high-quality service.

💪 Masteos strength? All of our talents are coming from a plurality of professions, from construction to real estate going through tech and marketing which offers a rich and fulfilling work environment.

Job description:

- Build the foundations of Sales Enablement, by consolidating the Onboarding Program, building ongoing training modules, and measuring success by bringing KPIs to track on a day to day basis ;

- Become the voice of the company for the Sales Team, building and delivering training materials on everything that can have an impact on the work of the Team, from Individual Contributors to Managers ;

- Ensure excellent coordination of all stakeholders (Managers, ICs, HR, Support, Learning & Development Team, etc.) during the training process to ensure that training is effectively delivered while saving time for other employees ;

- Support Managers by working hand in hand to identify areas of improvements on the performance of the team, and deliver ad hoc trainings ;

- Act as the go-to within the business for anyone with questions or queries regarding training and development plans ;

- Maintain the training tech stack, from relationship with providers to improvements in usage by following roadmap deliveries, and new standards in the Enablement industry ;

- Work closely with Product / Marketing / Rev Ops teams to ensure up to date trainings and knowledge across the Sales team ;

- Build assessment programs to ensure the right level of knowledge across all Sales teams ;

- Constantly improve the Training Calendar to follow company strategy.

We are looking for:

✔️2+ years in Sales Enablement with Sales or Project Management with good Sales acumen in a top performing Sales Organization background ;

✔️Good public speaking skills and written communication ;

✔️You are able to share clearly your expectation and results at every level of the company ;

✔️You are Data driven, you don’t just make slides, you also understand the impact of your work and act upon it ;

✔️Perfect English and very good French are required.

Compensation and benefits:

- Compelling package


- Health mutual and transport covered at 100%

- Meal vouchers Swile

- Remote working

- Creation of your real estate assets facilitated internally and preferential service fees



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