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Luos is the Docker of embedded systems. In other words, it is the software architecture for efficiently designing, testing, and deploying embedded applications.

In more detail, the startup develops a code library for embedded systems, an innovative communication technology dedicated to using embedded services for complex electronics. This research-based software technology helps reduce the time-to-market and ease the development of new electronic products.

Their ambition is to change the way embedded software is developed by replicating some of the major advances that occurred in the web and software fields a few years ago, advocating a microservice and API approach, but this time in the fields of embedded systems.

Luos's customers build consumer electronics, robots, smart home appliances, IoT, new mobility, etc.

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Technology enthusiast!

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Advantages: meal vouchers card and mutual insurance 100% covered. The possibility of remote working up to 2 days a week. Various activities: squash, surfing, climbing, after-work, etc.

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