Revenue Strategy and Operations — Internship (F/H) — Start on 16 September

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LumApps is an Employee Experience Platform that supports companies in their digital transformation on communication, collaboration and engagement of their customers, partners, and above all their employees.

LumApps is a proven leader in this dynamic market with a truly unique vision and product. Our enterprise-grade SaaS platform has been deployed by Fortune 500 clients around the world and is delivering meaningful business benefits.

Our mission: To make people feel that they belong and have a purpose.

To create an environment where all employees are engaged and work together towards the same goal. Over 450 leading companies trust LumApps to:

🎯 Improve the productivity of their teams with our SaaS-based Collaborative Experience Platform integrated with both Google and Microsoft collaborative suites,

🎯 Transform employees into real ambassadors of their company,

🎯 Make employees more efficient and better connected to their peers and relevant information, regardless of their location, with the tools and information they need at their fingertips.

🎯Helping companies to reduce turnover, accelerate employee onboarding, better collaborate and share knowledge, and even improve their customer experiences.

With a team of more than 300 Lumies in 6 offices (Lyon, Paris, Lille, London, Austin, Tokyo), LumApps supports companies such as Veolia, Valeo, Air Liquide, Colgate-Palmolive, The Economist, Logitech. To support its international development. LumApps has raised $100 million, including $70 million in December 2019.

If these core values sound like you: "be bold, do amazing things", "say what you mean, do what you say", "one team, same mission", "always be evolving": apply now!


Key Responsibilities:

I. Performance Management

1. Define Guidelines: Establish guidelines for end-to-end pipeline management to optimize revenue generation.

2. Pipeline tracking: Track evolution of pipeline and ensure that data is regularly updated.

3. Dashboarding: Build, adjust and maintain dashboards allowing to track revenue.

II. Process Optimization

1. Tool Deployment: Equip Revenue teams with the best tools and processes, including tools like Salesforce and Apollo to enhance productivity.

2. Tool Configuration: Configure tools to align with specific business needs, ensuring maximum efficiency.

3. Tool Adoption: Promote tool adoption through comprehensive documentation and training programs.

III. Program Coordination

1. Account Prioritization: Define priority actions on key accounts to maximize revenue potential.

2. Action Collaboration: Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure smooth execution of revenue-related activities.

3. Friction Removal: Identify and eliminate friction points in the revenue execution process through proactive monitoring and effective communication.

IV. Proficiency Development

1. Sales Coaching: Coach Sales teams on Sales Knowledge, Sales Tactics, and Sales Posture to enhance their performance.

2. Training Content: Develop and share Sales Training Content to improve Sales Skills across the organization.

3. Training Plans: Define both collective and individual training plans to ensure continuous improvement in revenue-generating capabilities.


1. Revenue Strategy Expertise: proven experience in revenue strategy and management, including pipeline optimization and strong analytical skills to evaluate performance against objectives.

2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Proficiency in data analysis to make informed recommendations for revenue optimization.

3. Tool Proficiency: Proficiency in using tools like Salesforce, Apollo, and other relevant revenue management software.

4. Training and Coaching: Experience in coaching and training sales teams to enhance their skills and performance.

5. Project Management: Strong project management abilities to ensure alignment with overall business goals.

6. Language Skills: Fluency in English and French, both written and oral

*Recruitment Process*

1. Interview with Ghali, Director, Revenue Strategy.

2. Interview with a Team Member.

3. Interview with HR.

*Why join us?*

At LumApps we believe that diversity in terms of experience and culture is the power of our teams. We are looking for Lumies who are passionate about their work, enjoy the everyday challenges and have a strong sense of team spirit.

And what are we doing for our employees' Experience...?

✅ A complete and rich onboarding, organized for each new promotion of employees, in person or 100% digital

✅ Technical challenges all day every day: you will have the freedom to innovate and adopt new ideas!

✅ Work with passionate experts who will share their knowledge and help you develop and grow! (technical guilds, domain architects…)

✅ Ongoing training, to develop the skills and know-how of our employees through hundreds of training courses.

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