🇧đŸ‡Ș Product Owner

🇧đŸ‡Ș Product Owner

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    Who are they?

    LIZY is a thriving scale-up with off-the-charts revenue growth and an ever-expanding team of A-players. 

    Since 2019, we have been reshaping the € 70bn European car leasing business, one of the largest yet-to-be disrupted markets! We aim to become the European leader in digital car leasing. 

    Our focus is to enable SMEs and independents to concentrate on what really matters. We put all our efforts to ensure that ordering a car through LIZY is as easy as ordering a toaster on Amazon!

    Job description

    🚗 About us

    At LIZY, we are reshaping the € 70bn European car leasing business. The traditional car leasing industry is slow, complicated and expensive. At LIZY, we’re making leasing a car as easy as ordering a sweater on Zalando.

    LIZY is a well funded startup (>€10m) with off-the-charts revenue growth (>100% YoY) and an amazing team of 30+ A-players. We’re incredibly ambitious and our goal is to become the Revolut of car leasing.

    With our weekly planning pace and our no nonsense written culture we focus on the most important tasks while keeping our long term objectives in mind. Every team at LIZY uses the OKR methodology to set quarterly and annual goals and measure corresponding achievements.

    đŸ„‹ Lizy values

    đŸ„ł Fun (Have it): Enjoy the ride - life is short.

    🎁 Feedback (Give it): Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Always assume positive intent.

    🏋 Personal Growth (Master it): Never stop learning and improving.

    đŸ”„ Wow (Deliver it): Actually make our customers say “WOW”.

    đŸ‹ïžâ€â™‚ïž Drive (Show it): Show commitment and bring everything you have. Do what you say and say what you do.

    đŸ‘©â€đŸ’» The Team

    At LIZY, we believe that a happy cohesive team can go a long way. We do everything that’s possible to build a work environment that enables everyone to work at their best. Working at LIZY means being part of an empowered team and collaborating with talented colleagues with experience at well-known companies such as McKinsey, Uber and Google!

    Preferred experience

    đŸ•”ïž Who are we looking for?

    We’re looking for a full-time product owner to join our team. You must have experience with managing an engineering backlog in line with the quarterly company objectives. Being part of a cross-functional agile development team, you will play the role of scrum master and provide the real-world context your engineering colleagues need to solve problems.

    Our philosophy for system building is to “integrate when possible, develop when necessary”. LIZY’s platform leverages best-in-class SaaS tools and APIs for commodity functionality, with a custom database and back-end for our business logic.

    Many projects will be arising, from new features to process optimisations. You’ll need to be able to shift quickly from one to the other, from one innovation to the next. Your work will have a direct impact on the customer’s satisfaction and the growth of the company.

    đŸ™â€â™€ïž Your responsibilities

    Establish & maintain relationships with other departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Operations, Finance) as well as our key partners

    Coordinate a squad of 3-4 devs hand-in-hand with a lead dev

    Gathering & challenging business needs across all stakeholders

    Create and maintain the product backlog of your squad in line with OKRs, collaborating with design & engineering leads

    Facilitate Agile rituals (daily standup, sprint planning, retro,
) & ensure your squad is set up for success

    Contribute business & functional analysis work to refine epics, stories & tasks

    Ensure the delivery of a world-class product with every new feature launch (testing, giving feedback to engineers,

    Over-communicate project progression to relevant audiences across the company & making sure the right stakeholders are participating when necessary

    Collect user feedback to make improvements recommendations & optimize the user journey (whether it’s an internal stakeholder, a prospect or a customer)

    Build & document projects in order to communicate to stakeholders but also to have a clean libraries of processes

    Create new metrics, analyze product performance (website, selfcare,
), make improvements recommendations & communicate them

    đŸ’Ș Your qualifications

    A minimum of 3 years relevant experience as a Product Assistant, Product Owner, Business/Functional Analyst

    A true passion for technology, solving user needs & user experience

    Analytical and data driven approach to build SaaS level metrics

    The urge to find practical solutions

    You are motivated by diving into complex systems to better understand problems and their solutions

    You have affinity with modern software engineering concepts and can communicate on a surface-level with engineers. You don’t need to be a dev, just to be interested in what they do in order to provide them the best support!

    You can prioritize like no other and determine what needs to be done first in alignment with company priorities

    You thrive in a dynamic fast-paced and changing environment

    You’re not afraid to take initiatives & make improvements for the team & company

    You can translate ideas into agile development cycles and functional requirements

    đŸ€© Perks and Benefits

    At LIZY, we believe that being first in our business starts with putting our people first.

    âžĄïž Cool Offices: Small scale up that we are, we work every day to improve our offices! This way, you will have the opportunity to work at Flagey, a cult place for happy people! And for the ping pong enthusiasts, you even have a space dedicated to this activity. At LIZY Office; you’ll have the nicest colleagues, good coffee, quality tea and fruits for free!

    âžĄïž Flexible Work: Possibility to work partially or fully remote (even after Covid-19), organize your own work schedule, and enjoy the sun while working on our rooftop! As well as receive a reimbursement of telework-expenses, i.e. 122 EUR per month

    âžĄïž Attractive Package: Fair salary and generous package including meal vouchers, eco vouchers, hospitalization insurance, group insurance, phone subscription, car, fuel card, sector bonus, yearly bonus, representation expenses and strong long-term incentives with stock options.

    âžĄïž Quality Equipment: Top range tools including Macbook, computer screen, iPhone, keyboard and a voucher for a computer screen at home!

    âžĄïž Learning Opportunities & Empowerment: Hands-on experiences, take initiatives, incredibly talented colleagues to learn from, free books at disposal and courses if you want to improve or learn a new language!

    âžĄïž Friendly, Fun & Transparent environment: We also try to create a work space where everyone feels comfortable! We organize a team lunch every Wednesday and every month we have our “All Hands meeting”, to keep you up to date with all the things that are happening. After the All Hands, we offer drinks and cake! We also organise several team buildings during the year!

    🙌 Having second thoughts?

    You don’t feel like you’re matching 100% of the criteria? We encourage you to apply anyway! Study shows that candidates in this situation are less likely to apply, however LIZY aims at being inclusive as we are well aware that diversity brings a huge added-value to the team. It is more important to have the right mindset!


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