LGI Sustainable Innovation

LGI Sustainable Innovation

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With a background in political science, and a master’s degree in ecological design thinking, Gilles has 5+ years of professional experience in collaborative projects. Since joining LGI in 2017, he has been involved in assignments related to management and project set-up for R&D projects and clusters, in the fields of low-carbon energy and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Gilles started his professional career with junior positions in NGOs (India, Palestine), and has also worked at organisations such as the European Commission and the IRSN.

During (long) lunch breaks, Gilles can talk for hours about climate and social issues, so don't hesitate to run off to the coffee machine at the slightest opportunity.

Today, his favorite song is Da Funk – Daft Punk.

A sustainable development and social impact enthusiast, Suzi seeks to make the earth’s problems everyone’s business, through clever marketing strategies and viral communication campaigns. At LGI, she started out working on climate issues on the Innovation Strategy team, and is now the Head of Communication and Design.

A former multi-award winning broadcast journalist, Suzi loves hosting innovation camps, webinars and creative workshops that advance progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. She has lived and worked across Asia, Europe and North America, and holds a dual master’s degree: an MBA in International Organizations from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a Master of International Development focusing on Development Planning & Environmental Sustainability from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

A Tar Heel born and bred, she sings the University of North Carolina’s Hark the Sound with pride from wherever she is.

For as long as he remembers, Vincent has been passionate about two things: the marvel of our physical and biological environment, and the magic of innovation arising from the human mind. After an academic training on environmental engineering at AgroParisTech, and a career start in the digital and water industries, Vincent founded LGI in 2005 with the idea to get involved in innovative projects supporting new low-carbon solutions. Since then, he has grown and guided the LGI team towards being a sustainable innovation specialty firm, reflected in its new statute as a purpose-driven company under French law.

Vincent enjoys lively conversations on nature, humans, society, technology and how they all interact to imagine brighter futures.

He loves folk and country music, and keeps going back to classics like Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and Lee Hazelwood.

Coming from an engineering and research background, Yasmina has worked with international stakeholders from various university, industry, government and community organisations to deliver innovative solutions that fight today’s climate and sustainability challenges. Before joining LGI, Yasmina led the strategy for Monash’s Net Zero Initiative, using Australia’s largest university campuses as “living labs” to experiment with new models and inspire others to take on net zero emission journeys. She also led the development of next generation solar photovoltaics, and she holds a PhD in this exciting field.

At LGI, Yasmina works on cities’ net zero transitions, circular economy models and climate services, with a focus on sustainability, innovation strategy, and environmental and socio-economic impact assessments.

A tree lover and hugger, Yasmina is very passionate about the positive impact we can (/ should / must) have on our planet.

Today, her favourite song is: Bicycle Race – Queen.

Adéola studied international business and innovation management in the cities of Reims, Boston and Paris, and is passionate about working on innovative sustainability-focused projects.

After graduation, Adéola joined LGI as a Sustainable Innovation Analyst as part of the Strategy Business Unit. She is currently working on a variety of research projects, including the topics of advanced biofuels, climate services, carbon capture and education.

An amateur but enthusiastic hip-hop dancer, she can also show you the best pastry and vegetarian places in town.

Today, her favourite song is: All my girls like to fight – Hope Tala


Créée à Paris en 2005, LGI est une PME indépendante active dans plus de 20 pays. La vision de LGI repose sur la conviction que des transformations majeures sont nécessaires pour créer un monde durable, transformations pour lesquelles l’innovation est cruciale.

En 2020, LGI est devenue une société à mission de droit français, une évolution statutaire qui reflète son engagement envers un objectif de "promotion de l'innovation durable comme vecteur de solutions aux défis climatiques, environnementaux et sociétaux mondiaux ".

LGI a construit des relations durables avec plus de 500 partenaires dans le monde entier pour innover de façon positive et impactante et relever les défis liés au climat, à la biodiversité, aux énergies bas carbone, à la ville durable, à la mobilité, à l'économie circulaire, à l'innovation sociale et aux solutions fondées sur la nature.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

LGI est constamment à la recherche de personnes motivées et positives pour étoffer son équipe ! L'ouverture d'esprit et la capacité à travailler au sein d'une équipe multiculturelle tout en gérant ses propres échéances sont cruciales. Les candidats capables de travailler en mode startup (agilité, concentration, esprit hacker et Do It Yourself) s'épanouiront.

Un intérêt pour les projets scientifiques, de recherche ou d'innovation est également nécessaire. D'excellentes compétences en matière de communication interpersonnelle et de présentation sont importantes, notamment la capacité à travailler avec de multiples partenaires et à engager la conversation avec eux lors des réunions de projet. L'équipe actuelle est pluridisciplinaire et composée d'une trentaine de personnes de backgrounds variés, dont l'ingénierie, le commerce, le droit et la finance, la tech, les sciences politiques et la communication.

Bon à savoir

Vous avez peut-être entendu parler de l'épique voyage annuel de team building de LGI, à Marseille, Valence, Ibiza, Lisbonne ou encore Montpellier... Ou vous avez peut-être eu vent des compétitions internes de LGI, comme le hackathon de l'innovation, le défi "zéro déchet", le club de débat à impact ou le concours de costumes d'Halloween. Et puis il y a les légendaires apéritifs de LGI, les barbecues sur le rooftop et la camaraderie générale entre collègues... La vérité est que c'est tout simplement fun d'être un LGIer.

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