LFA Startup studio

LFA Startup studio

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LFA is a startup studio co-funded by a Japanese family office. A startup studio is at the crossroads of a seed fund - which invests in early-stage startups - and an incubator, which mentors startups to accelerate their growth.

3 times a year, ten to twenty entrepreneurs join one of our cohorts to imagine and create their startup project. They have 3 months to form pairs (CTO and CEO) and defend their idea in front of an investment comity that gives the Go/ No Go for a 100 000 euros investment to finance their startup.

Our ambition : We aim at securing early-stage investments and accelerating the seed phase for startups. This implies two main objectives:

  • To reach the Seed (first investment round) in 18 months from scratch, compared to an average of 3 years.
  • To reach a 70% success rate for this first round, compared to an average 90% failure rate.

What they are looking for

L for Lead : Reveal talents and create the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

  • Actively participate in the modernization of our economic structure by creating the innovations of tomorrow.
  • Teach a very high level of entrepreneurial skills to face the challenges of everyday life.

F for Finance : Invest in seed capital and pay entrepreneurs from the beginning.

  • Finance what is needed to start a business: €100,000 + LFA support (worth €20,000) -> against 12% of the capital.
  • Pay our entrepreneurs, future CTOs and CEOs, as soon as they join the cohort.

A for Apply: Ensure strict application of the LFA Process to accelerate value creation and increase the probability of exit.

  • Waste less time figuring out what to do and how to do it.
  • Waste less money by sharing resources and by asking the best experts to intervene in their field. It creates a particularly effective senior-junior mix.

Good to know

Our values :

  • Ambition - Humility - Transmission LFA has been hugely financed by a Japanese family office, hence LFA shares strong values coming straight from the land of the rising sun. As an essential initiation, our entrepreneurs are led to travel to Japan as part of their journey within LFA.

  • Respect We select projects and entrepreneurs for their willingness to have an impact on the world. This is why all our startups are ESG focused in areas such as Fintech and Edtech.

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