SaaS / Cloud Services


Organization and methodologies

We have developed our own methodology, inspired by ShapeUp and agile practices, which we proudly call the "lemagile methodology" 🎉 

How does it work?

  • Product Trio: For each product, we establish a product trio consisting of a PM, a UX, and a full-stack developer called Shaper (~ technical lead).
  • Prioritization and Feature Identification: The product trio collaboratively determines priorities and identifies the key features to be developed.
  • Building Squad: A dedicated building squad receives the feature requests and takes full responsibility for delivering those features.

In essence, we highly value iteration, feedback, and fostering a strong sense of ownership.

To always synch, we organise weekly meetings involving the tech, design, and product teams to conduct retrospectives and align on feature development.

Projects and tech challenges

lemlist / lemwarm

lemlist / lemwarm

lemlist, our flagship project, generates $15M in revenue

It automates outreach campaigns, including emails, LinkedIn messages, and more, allowing us to send 500,000 emails per day. The primary challenges lie in ensuring email deliverability to the inbox (with the assistance of lemwarm, our deliverability tool), maintaining app responsiveness, and scaling in line with our rapid growth.

Scalability and availability

Thanks to the infrastructure implemented by our SRE team, we succeeded in maintaining and scaling our system to be able to host 40,000 users and have 2,000 simultaneously active users at every moment.

Scalability and availability

Recruitment process

  1. phone screening
  2. interview with our CTO Mickael
  3. technical test with the team
  4. interview with the COO