Dev Full Stack Serverless Internship


Dev Full Stack Serverless Internship

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Début :
  • Salaire entre 1,4K € et 1,6K € / mois
  • 33, Rue La Fayette, Paris, 75009
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Éducation : Bac +4
  • Expérience : < 6 mois




  • Assurance
  • Entre 15 et 50 salariés

Le poste

Dev Full Stack Serverless Internship

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Début :
  • Salaire entre 1,4K € et 1,6K € / mois
  • 33, Rue La Fayette, Paris, 75009

  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Éducation : Bac +4
  • Expérience : < 6 mois

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Qui sont-ils ?


Kooalys is an InsurTech startup that offers 100% digital B2B car insurance and rewards companies that reduce their CO2 emissions.


We are currently witnessing two major trends on the mobility and transportation market:

  • A strong pressure to make mobility more sustainable, via lower CO2 emissions and less cars on the road.
  • The rise of on-demand mobility platforms (Uber, Velib, Lime…) that offer customers the same benefits of having a car but without the need to own one.

As a result, mobility is expected to shift from traditional, private ownership of cars (1 or 2 cars per family) to shared mobility fleets available on demand. By 2030, 50% of the distance travelled with cars will be via car sharing fleets.

This creates a unique opportunity for us to disrupt the market and create a green, tech and data focused Fleet InsurTech player. This is what Kooalys is about.


We are a new venture within the Admiral Pioneer incubator and are fully funded by the Admiral Group, the £8Bn-valuation UK and EU insurer. We have already raised €1.2m from Admiral.

Our goal is to become the market leader in Fleet insurance and management services. This market is already substantial (€2Bn in France in 2020, 10% of the total Motor insurance market) and is growing fast.

However, we want to be more than just insurers. We want to use our tech and data to help our customers make the move to sustainable mobility. This involves notably the launch of a “green driving app” that rewards our customers for lowering their CO2 emissions while driving.


  • A digital native, green, smart, innovative product that gives total control and transparency to the final customer in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • A state-of-the-art data and tech stack – insurance is about using data to predict risk, and we want the best data model as the foundation of our business.
  • A great team - we are looking for talented, curious, ambitious and inclusive individuals to create a venture unlike anything in the insurance market.

💡 Tech is the core asset at Kooalys. People want simple, cheap and clear services from their insurance. Our goal in the team is to create the tech that will allow our users to have all of these services.


  • Learning a lot.
  • Working on complex yet very interesting topics.
  • Deeply improving an industry that needs technology to get better.
  • Growing as we grow. And we expect to grow a lot.

🤩 Advantages

  • Very competitive remuneration package on offer for the Parisian market
  • Super health insurance and holiday policy
  • WFH up to 2 days per week

🗺 Offices

We are located at WeWork rue Lafayette (9th) in the heart of Paris.
Great offices, ideally located and beautifully equipped.

Envie d’en savoir plus sur Kooalys ?Culture d'entreprise, équipes, stack technique, offres d'emplois... C’est parti pour l’immersion !
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Descriptif du poste


We are 5 engineers (40% gender mixity) looking for 5 more talented women and men. We are huge fan of lean/agile and are applying it to a very deep level, which allow us to continuously improve, from juniors to leads. Our tech stack is super modern as we are fully embracing Serverless running on AWS with Node+Typescript.


This is a recent team with ambitious growth plans ! We are actively looking for talented women (currently 40% gender mixity) and men to join the team. We strongly encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all the specific criterias. We understand that not everyone will meet 100% of the requirements and we would still love to hear from you!
We are currently 5 software engineers / developers (2 junior, 1 mid, 1 lead, 1 CTO) and a PO to help us manage our sprints.
We are looking to hire more than 3 new software engineers for 2022 alone. So we have plenty of positions open for all roles (juniors to leads).


Junior and Senior engineers are improving at a speed of light due to our lean culture. Feedback and Asking for help (= andon in Lean terminology) are permanent. This allow us to continuously improve.

Some other achievements we are proud of :

  • our Notion organization and usage for the engineering team
  • our CI-CD with GitHub actions, NX, Postman and Slack
  • our 95% code coverage
  • our state-of-the-art monorepo powered by nx



  • We use the serverless Framework with Node/Typescript
  • We run on AWS : Lambdas, Step functions, DynamoDB, API Gateway, EventBridge, Cloudfront, S3, CloudFormation
  • Jest → for unit testing
  • Fivetran → for ETL
  • Snowflake → for datawarehousing


  • React + Vite → What else ?
  • TailwindCSS + TailwindUI → beautiful components and utility-first framework


  • We are believers of One Piece Flow
  • GitHub → for our monorepo
  • GitHub actions supercharged with NX → for our CI-CD pipelines
  • Lumigo → for logging and monitoring
  • Postman → for playing around our APIs + documenting them + E2E tests

Engineering Tools

  • Notion → for our sprints + documentation + many more things
  • Slack → for daily chat
  • Miro → for documentation


  • Google Workspace
  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Miro

Profil recherché


  • Sense of ownership
  • Autonomy
  • Not afraid of (very) complex problems with high levels of abstraction
  • Huuuuuuge desire to learn and progress


  • required Top 10 Engineering school / Self-taught with achievements
  • bonus Full stack development experience in any (typed preferred) language
  • bonus Experience working with Serverless and AWS ecosystem
  • bonus Experience with Node (and TypeScript)

Déroulement des entretiens

  • a call with the Recruitment team
  • online tests (60 min)
  • an interview (video or physical) with our CTO to debrief tests

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