Kili Technology

Kili Technology

Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning



Their mission at Kili is to help companies to industrialize its AI projects into production and to build AI that matters.

Launched in 2018 by a seasoned entrepreneur and an AI expert, Kili has the ambition to become the simplest and the most versatile data annotation tool in the market. The company has helped Fortune 500 companies (Crédit Agricole, Carrefour, Bureau Veritas..) and also scale-ups (VitaDX, Jellysmack..) to speed up their AI into production.

The company secured over $30 million from tier 1 VCs (Serena Capital, Headline, Balderton) with support from top business angels (CEO Algolia, CEO Datadog, and others..). Therefore, Kili is on its way to scale up aggressively to the global market with the best data annotation solution.

What they are looking for

Kili Technology is looking for bright minds with entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. If you are passionate about innovative technology, data-driven and result-oriented, quick on your feet, collaborative, and are willing to continuously learn and improve – we should talk.

Joining Kili, it means not only solving complex challenges, but also applying creativity to develop and apply ideas in solving these challenges!

Good to know

Kili team is fun to hang out with. Once in 2 to 3 months, Kili conducts a thematic gathering with the whole team: going on a boat, hiking, board games, and more!

During this gathering, the whole team is also involved in strategic brainstorming of the company. Each team member can speak up on her or his ideas : everyone's voice counts.

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