JUST is the breathtaking 1-click checkout experience that people adore! With only one tap, they make people and merchants happy when shopping online. With JUST, people can now skip the headache of creating accounts everywhere they shop online, log in or fill repetitive checkout forms! With JUST, merchants can now speed up sales and boost their conversion rate with THE easy-to-use checkout experience on the internet!

JUST is the new standard of shopping and a blast for next year's buying experience. For people, they create a memorable and unique shopping experience with a universal 1-click checkout option. For brands, they cut checkout time by ten and bring the e-commerce checkout experience to unseen levels.

JUST is on a mission to solve a massive issue in e-commerce. People get frustrated because online stores require them to create store accounts, log in, or fill long and complex checkout forms every time they shop online. These frustrations are a nightmare for brands losing +40% of their customers for these reasons. The 1-click checkout of JUST is a win-win for every part: the customer journey is more simple and faster, and the brands have more sales.

Today, JUST is democratizing the 1-click checkout of Amazon for every merchant and allows people to shop with 1-click everywhere online, even in stores people have never shopped before, like a passport for online shopping. Tomorrow JUST will be on a mission to redefine how the world shops.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

They look for shopping & tech enthusiast across all departments with an ambitious and responsible mindset !

They need amazing people from different countries to change the life of millions of people and thousands of merchants in the world !

Their mission is to make shopping amazing and drive all their efforts to provide the best experience for both consumers and brands !

They believe in endless growth, proactivity and simplicity to bring 1-click checkout (and more) everywhere in the world !

Bon à savoir

🤑 Stock options (BSPCE) for everyone

😎 Open to remote

💙 JUST covers 100% health insurance

💻 Macbook

✈️ An annual offsite abroad

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