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        inWebo is “The strong authentication specialist”. Its mission? Protect and streamlineaccess to digital environments.

        Founded in 2008, inWebo offers a feature-rich SaaS platform for the management of strong authentication. The solution is used by more than 300 customers and counts 5 million users worldwide. inWebo secures various applications and access points to corporate networks, as well as sensitive consumer applications (online banking, e-health, etc.).

        Located in Paris, inWebo has become an international player in the cybersecurity industry. Its patented technology, based on random dynamic keys, combines two key-elements: a very high security and an improved user experience. Certified by the French national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI), inWebo’s solution adds a layer of security by transforming any “device” (computer, mobile, tablet and even browser token) into an authentication factor. This enables its customers to protect themselves against cyber threats such as phishing, credential stuffing or identity theft.

        inWebo’s fundamentals:

        • Care: paying attention to the experience of employees as well as customers
        • Guidance: develop and cultivate an environment of trust
        • Innovation: being at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and opening up the field of possibilities, together

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