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Postdoctoral position M/F

CDD / Temporaire(24 mois)
Salaire : Non spécifié
Début : 05 novembre 2023
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Institut Imagine
Institut Imagine

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The laboratory of Molecular and physiopathological bases of osteochondrodysplasia led by Laurence Legeai-Mallet studies rare skeletal disorders affecting bone and/or cartilage formation from early embryonic development until adulthood. The team is conducting pre-clinical studies to test and identify drugs able to correct long bone growth plate, craniofacial and spine anomalies in FGFR3-related animal models.


Characterize the impact of FGFR3 mutation in skeleton, bone repair and aging. The objective is to explore the functional impact of Fgfr3N534K/+ mutation on bone physiology, repair and aging using mouse models of ubiquitous or bone selective expression of this mutation. To this end, it will perform deep bone phenotyping approaches paired with molecular, morphometric studies to understand the ageing-associated bone pathologies in this monogenic disorder associated with early onset osteoporosis.

Investigate the therapeutic potential of FGFR3 antagonists in bone disorders and premature aging. Using Fgfr3N534K/+ adult animals, our preliminary data suggest that subcutaneous administration of FGFR3 antagonists modified the balance bone formation/bone remodeling. The objective is to better define the mechanisms of action of FGFR3 antagonists, to screen novel potent drugs and to test their therapeutic potential on osteochondrodysplasia and bone premature aging.

Contract: The position is offered for two years. The position is available from November 2023, with salary depending on experience.

Application: Please send a concise cover letter with a summary of previous and current research activity, detailed curriculum vitae, and the contact information (to be contacted only with the expression permission of the candidate) for two references to Dr Laurence Legeai-Mallet,  email:  laurence.legeai-mallet@inserm.fr

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We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with solid experience in molecular and cell biology, and in mouse model. The candidate must have a PhD in a relevant field. The candidate must be self-motivated, organized, creative, able to work independently, to lead the project, to optimize and/or develop new study systems, to communicate and to work effectively with the team and external collaborators. The candidate must be fluent in English.

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