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Head of INCO Academy

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1. Oversee recruitment, onboarding and manage Country/Regional and IA International Directors (35%)

● Ensure balanced allocation of workload (program allocation) between all Directors while ensuring maximum homogeneity for one Director

●      Program renewal / launch:

○     Help Directors mutualize resources (teams and budgets) and build/finalize budget proposals and staffing

○     Identify recruitment and staffing needs either for projects or for transversal positions, in alignment with available budgets

○     Define roles and responsibilities for hires or internal mobility, build job descriptions and lead their recruitment and onboarding (for direct reports only)

●      Set clear responsibilities, objectives and timelines (using the Competency framework and fine-tuning the OKR framework) for the new hires and the current team: Country Director France, Regional APAC Director, CEE Lead and 3 International Directors. Track their progress and performance against these frameworks and evaluate them.

●      Provide guidance and coaching to the Directors:

○     Problem-solving (eg deployment of programs according to programmatic KPIs; on how mutualize internal resources; on how to interact with funders on specific issues etc)

○     Personal coaching on team mgt, feedback and on communication skills regarding interactions with funders

○     Admin: help understand and find solutions regarding any issues related to budget creation and monitoring, group processes, impact measurement and reporting

●      Ensure seamless coordination of all Directors, especially between France, APAC and the international teams:

○     Ensure coordination of the teams regarding project deployment (eg mutualize sourcing of beneficiaries), management (eg mutualize content or expert help) and wrap up (mutualize placement effort, share best practices, REX etc)

Set up an operational governance or regular “operational committees” to facilitate this coordination and facilitate decision-making

2. Product & Growth (35%) ● ●      Lead the improvement of current offering and the conceptualization and testing of innovative products in France and internationally, with the support of the Directors and of the Head of Business Development

○     Encourage the integration of REX (Return on experience from ongoing programs) to improve those programs

○     Help Directors pilot the impact of our programs (review collected KPIs, compare to targets and find ways to better monitor impact) and structure the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning activity

○     In France, support the VP France Country Director in defining the product strategy (eg define if we continue the public markets, if we prioritize corporates eg on prequalification, public grants (PRIC?), if we certify our courses and go for OPCO financing etc)

○     In general, lead the design and testing of new products to stay in line with shifting job markets ; prioritize self-sustaining models with corporates

●      Help the Director in charge to oversee the new Studio (the entity that will be in charge of producing internally all content for programs):

○     Ensure smooth and timely content delivery to programs

○     Ensure clear roles and responsibilities are defined in the Studio and between the Studio and operational teams

●      Lead the definition of a marketing strategy and a clear roadmap by accompanying the Marketing Director in defining more precisely its job description and deliverables

●      Provide support to the Business Development team by helping it transform leads into new projects and act as a representative figure of INCO Academy where needed

3. Contribute to transversal projects related to INCO Transform (30%)

● Lead the improvement of operations:

○     Lead the deployment of knowledge sharing/management processes and tools – eg team management playbook, project mgt playbook, LMS, CRM and MEL tool

○     Implement operational governance

●      Help improve internal HR tools and processes (eg. Recruitment process, onboarding process, people development and evaluation processes, OKRs / objective setting)

Profil recherché

● Min 6 to 10 years of experience at a managerial position, with a demonstrated capacity to engage, coach and inspire teams

●      Demonstrated capacity to lead innovative projects in the educational field, notably in the development of new markets and in the structuring of organizations

●      Ideally with an existing network in the educational field, amongst training organizations or amongst funders/donators

●      Capacity to navigate easily in a multicultural setting, ready to travel and adapt its managerial style to different cultures and personalities

●      Capacity to work under pressure, in teams and for the top management of the organization

●      Strong oral and written English skills

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